WATCH: NXT Champion Collapses, Taken Away In Ambulance

That’s a scary ending. There are all kinds of ways to build up sympathy for a wrestler, all of which can be used for a big moment later. Some of them can be more serious than others, but the question becomes what happens after the initial moment. We saw a more serious one this week at the end of a television show, and now it could be going in a variety of directions.

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The main event of this week’s NXT saw Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez successfully defend her title against Meiko Satomura. Following the match, the two shook hands before Perez collapsed without being attacked. She was taken out of the arena on a stretcher and put in an ambulance to end the show. There is no word on where this is going or anything to suggest that this is anything more than a storyline.

That got serious. Check out the whole ordeal:

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Opinion: I’m not sure where this is going but it felt like a play off of Shawn Michaels collapsing in the ring back in 1995. Perez had spoken about training harder than ever for the match so maybe this is going to be built on the idea of her stretching herself too far. Either way, it was a surprising way to end the show and Perez should be getting lots of support when she is ready to return.

What did you think of the segment? Where do you see this going? Let us know in the comments below.

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