All details – Wrestling Training School in India 2019

Today we are going to cover major training schools exists in India. Becoming a WWE Superstar is dream of everyone keep in mind to be a wrestling star you must posses all aspects of wrestling – such as athleticism, acting, microphone and never give up attitude. Basic Requirements to Join Wrestling I) Basic Communication Skills and knowledge of English 2) Athleticism background 3) Knowledge of Pro Wrestling   If you don’t meet above requirement don’t waste your parents and your money.  When you search about first pro wrestling don’t get confused pro wrestling league as its amateur wrestling company trying to be entertaining with glitz of lights and glamour. There are 2 major wrestling training centers in India which is acknowledged by even WWE.

  1. CWE  – Continental Wrestling , 2. Wrestle Square

CWE is a wrestling academy which is famous for the name of Great Khali and funny viral videos on youtube.

Training Duration – 1-2 Years

Fees – Rs 1,50,000/- Yearly (Doesn’t include food and shelter in fees)

To join cwe you just need to slip the money from your pockets, be part of cwe academy and get in the Que of more than 300 students. The academy is located in village of Jalandhar, Punjab which is quite famous for Drugs and Steroids.  Make sure to research everything before you go.


Wrestle Square is wrestling training academy and only independent promotion exists in India. Wrestle Square was featured in WWE Tryout 2019 Video.

Training Duration – 6-12 months

Fees – Rs 60,000/- Yearly (Doesn’t include food and shelter in fees)


To join wrestle square academy you need to pass physical test and there is age restriction set by the academy. WWE Officials visited the Academy in February 2019 from where they selected over 8 trainees for final tryout. The academy limit their no of students to 20 in one batch. Located in Inside Sector – 122, Noida ,  The possibilities and future of anyone joining this academy is going to be great as they are going to be part of Dsports upcoming wrestling show.

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