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Choose the best program for yourself, Before you enroll yourself for any training program make sure you take reviews from ex-students, internet forums, insiders from industry.

The Training Academy involves –


Manager/Valet Program

The manager program helps those who want to become a manager or valet. It defines the basic wrestling rules, covers character development through mind and body counseling and also addresses the potential manager in such a way that he works to serve for the match.

Referee Training Program

The referee training program trains the referees to produce more independent and skilled referees. It covers the training of basic rules of wrestling and other terminologies and advanced arrangements for physical awareness.

Commentator Program

The commentator course includes guidance from the best commentators in order to provide a rich and well-defined experience to the audience. Since commentary makes the match more significant and interesting, the trainee is tuned up in every way to build his own different personality and a voice that stands up high from the cheers of audience.


Pro wrestler Program

Pro wrestler training is toughest. Every trainee would ultimately be a professional wrestler if it was too straightforward but becoming one doesn’t come as handy as you think. If you thought a great school and ample determination would get you on the summit, think again. You must learn the fact that you are not the only one who aims to work hard. Most of the schools are just the mean to get your ultimate goal or belt in this case and they usually promote those trainees who they think will get the right chances at the right time. For the rest of the populace, they just recommend to work harder. So, how can you be the ultimate pro wrestler? Pursue this stepladder.


Professional Wrestling Training in India is provided by Wrestle Square .  &  G8CWE.