Video Interview: Kevin Owens: “Working With Braun Strowman Hasn’t Been A Lot Of Fun”

I can understand why he wasn’t happy. It’s been a rough summer for Kevin Owens. Earlier this week he quit Monday Night Raw and after everything he’s been through, that can’t be the biggest surprise. Owens spent most of the summer dealing with Braun Strowman, who put him inside of a portable toilet, destroyed his car, and threw him off the top of a cage. So how did Owens like dealing with Strowman?

It wasn’t the most thrilling.

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Owens was recently a guest on In This Corner with CBS Sports and talked about a variety of things. The interview includes Owens talking about the issues with Strowman, what it was like to fly off the top of the cage, the Festival of Friendship, and what it was like to be laying on the announcers’ table after Strowman threw him off the cage. The interview is mostly out of kayfabe for a rare take. Here are some highlights, courtesy of

On Feuding With Strowman

“You’ve seen what I’ve been put through so It hasn’t been a lot of fun to be honest but it’s like any other job, it’s not always fun. There’s ups and downs, let’s just call this one a down.

On What Happened After The Landing

“There wasn’t much going on there to be honest. I guess I was just kind of waking up and seeing if all my limbs were moving. To be honest, I was thinking about my wife and my kids watching. And first thing I did when I got back is let them know I was okay. Besides that, I wish I could pinpoint my thoughts but I don’t remember them and that might be the product of what happened to me.”

And On The Festival Of Friendship

“To this day, I think people put importance on it. I haven’t realized the impact it had on people. It stuck with a lot of people, it’s great. You don’t really going in thinking that way, you try to do your best that night. We’ve though about this a long time. Every element of it was something that had come along months before, just stuff we decided to integrate. It was really a team effort between me and Jericho and we had Chris Scoville or Jimmy Jacobs helping us out. We all put our heads together and came up with something special and it worked out.”

The cage fall in question.

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And you can never see this enough.

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Opinion: Sweet goodness it really has been a rough few months for Owens. I’m not sure what to expect from the whole quitting angle but there seems to be something there for him in the long run. I’d love it to be seeing him as the next Paul Heyman Guy, but anything that has Owens moving up the card is a good thing at the end of the day. He’s way too talented to be stuck in the comedy spots that he’s been in for months now and deserves something more.

Do you like the idea of Owens being a Paul Heyman Guy? When will he be World Champion again? Let us know in the comments below.

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