Spoiler On AEW’s Video Game Announcements

AEW to announce three video games tonight.

Since the formation of AEW they have teased having their own video games. Kenny Omega was pushing hard for this to happen and referee Aubrey Edwards was said to be working on the project as well. before getting into wrestling, Edwards worked in the video game industry. Now we know what these announcements will be.

Tonight a 6pm ET/3pm PT AEW will be making video game announcements, but some fans found the aewgames.com website that was already live and found images on the site spoiling what will be announced tonight. The website itself has since been locked out.

The first games will be AEW’s main-line console game and it is being developed by Yukes who has a long history with WWE Games. Yukes left working on WWE games after WWE 2K19 with 2K stating they wanted to work on their own wrestling video game without having someone like WWE and 2K micromanaging the project.

The second game listed is “AEW Elite General Manager” and will be their version of the popular General manager mode from past WWE video games that have been missing from games for some time now.

The third game listed is the one that is most unknown as it is “AEW Casino: Double Or Nothing” and we do not know if this is a wrestling game, or maybe a casino/slot machine game that is AEW themed.

Outside of Yukes developing the console game for at least PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X we do not know developer(s) of platform details for the other two games. More details will be announced in a few hours and we will have all the detail here and on the PWUnlimited YouTube Channel.

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