One More? The Hurt Business Interested In Expanding

Keep it growing? There are some great stables in wrestling these days and those things can do a lot of good for the sport in general. If nothing else it is nice to see a bunch of wrestlers getting out there and having some time to showcase themselves, which can easily be done as part of a team. It helps when the teams are able to grow and build off of each other, and now one of the more successful teams might be doing even better.

Over roughly the last year, the Hurt Business has turned into one of the most dominant stables in recent memory. While the team got off to a rocky start, they are currently in possession of the Raw Tag Team Titles as well as the WWE Title. That is not bad for a group of people who were hardly doing anything before the team started. Now that things are doing so well, they might even be expanding, but in a bit of a surprising way.
During a new interview with Complex, WWE Champion Bobby Lashley was asked what the Hurt Business wants. Lashley said that the team wanted to leave dominance and a legacy, while also mentioning that they had considered adding a woman to the group. While not naming anyone, Lashley said that there were some names under consideration. There is no word on if the team will be expanded anytime soon.

The Hurt Business has been quite the team. Check out some of their recent accomplishments:

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Opinion: This is the kind of thing that could be rather interesting, mainly because the Hurt Business has done so well so far. The team comes off looking as professional and dominant as you can get and that can continue with someone else being added. I’m not sure where this is going to go or who might be added, but it certainly could be something that WWE could pull off well.

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