Mixed Match Challenge Results – November 20, 2018

Mixed Match Challenge
Date: November 20, 2018
Location: Staples Center, Los Angeles, California
Commentators: Michael Cole, Renee Young, Vic Joseph

We’ve actually arrived at a turning point here with the last night of the regular season. After tonight we move into the playoffs, which should make things a little bit better. Unfortunately we’re getting the four winless teams battling it out for a spot in the final four, because going 1-3 is good enough to get a spot in the playoffs. Let’s get to it.

The announcers talk about the prizes.

Raw Division: Alicia Fox/Jinder Mahal vs. Bobby Roode/Natalya

The losers are out and the Singh Brothers are all banged up from Brock Lesnar destroying them last week. The guys start things off and the fans are behind Bobby in what feels like a rare occurrence. Roode shakes off a wristlock and starts chopping away but can’t hit the Glorious DDT. It’s off to the women with Fox getting caught in a slingshot atomic drop, minus Natalya sticking her knee out. A basement dropkick gives Natalya two but Fox blocks the Sharpshooter and kicks her in the face.

The chinlock goes on so let’s look at R-Truth trying to leave because he thinks it’s Thanksgiving. The northern lights suplex gives Fox two and it’s off to a front facelock. Natalya can’t quite get out but Alicia stops for her Mahal inspired breathing, allowing the hot tag to Roode. Everything breaks down and Fox slaps Roode, who is fine enough to hit a spinebuster on one of the Singh Brothers. The distraction is enough for Mahal to hit the Khallas for the pin on Roode at 8:08.

Result: Alicia Fox/Jinder Mahal b. Bobby Roode/Natalya – Khallas to Roode (8:08)

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Braun Strowman is out of the second round and will have a replacement announced next week. AJ Styles is officially out as well, so Jeff Hardy will be Charlotte’s permanent partner.

Fox and Mahal argue about who is the captain. They also argue over where they would go on their vacation, with Fox wanting to go to Kentucky to taste some real country chicken.

Smackdown Division: R-Truth/Carmella (0-3) vs. Rusev/Lana (0-3)

They take turns shouting catchphrases to start with no contact in the first two minutes. With that out of the way, Rusev and Lana hit the floor so we can have a dance break. Rusev and Lana jump them from behind with Lana covering for one to actually start the match.

Some running knees to the back give Lana two more and we hit the chinlock. In a smart move, Rusev pulls Truth off the apron and then gets the tag, meaning he gets to come in and beat up a downed Truth. Lana goes outside and sends a downed Carmella into various things before stopping to pose. Truth jumps Rusev on the floor, leaving Carmella to superkick Lana for the pin at 6:50.

Result: R-Truth/Carmella b. Rusev/Lana – Superkick to Lana (6:50)

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Here are the brackets for the next round:


Ember Moon/???
Jinder Mahal/Alicia Fox

Finn Balor/Bayley
Bobby Lashley/Mickie James


Jeff Hardy/Charlotte

Jimmy Uso/Naomi

Bayley and Finn Balor are ready for next week.

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