Major League Wrestling Christmas Day Special Results

Fusion Christmas Day Special
Date: December 25, 2018
Location: Cicero Stadium, Chicago, Illinois
Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Rich Bocchini

So this is exactly what the determine says it is: a novel show that aired as a surprise on Christmas Day. It’s not quite as long as the average episode of Fusion then again in this case that could be a superb issue. For a novel show like this, you don’t wish to overstay your welcome and for many who get a superb show out of it, cool. Let’s get to it.

Opening assortment.

PCO says he’s not human and Brody King can’t deal with {the electrical} power.

PCO vs. Brody King

No DQ and a rematch of a are compatible that went insane. They slug it out first of all King being sent outside for a quick suicide dive. King’s chop hits the publish and he hurts his hand having a look to cut PCO another time. A chair shot slows PCO down moderately and King sits him in discussed chair for a operating cannonball. It takes a few seconds then again the chair does no doubt ruin underneath the two of them.

PCO is right once more with a DDT on the flooring and let’s bring in a table just because. King is laid on absolute best and there’s the huge flip dive from the balcony, which actually doesn’t ruin the table. Of path he’s nevertheless walking and staggers to the ring as King puts a piece of the barricade inside of. A suplex sends PCO all through the barricade for two with Tony shedding it on the ones kickouts.

PCO gets loaded up to the very best then again shoves King down, putting in a moonsault to the referee as King made a switch for some explanation why. Four chairs are prepare inside the heart and PCO shoves him into the corner, putting in a chokeslam onto the chairs for the pin at 9:24.

Result: PCO b. Brody King – Chokeslam onto four chairs (9:24)

Maxwell Jacob Friedman challenged Puma King to a flag are compatible on account of he’s ill of the ones luchadors stealing jobs from American wrestlers. Tonight he’s going to in reality pores and pores and skin the cat on account of he’s merely upper.

Ace Austin vs. Myron Reed

Austin is making his debut. They fight over a check out of energy to start out out and it’s time for the flips without the grip being broken. Reed gets two off a rollup and kicks Austin into the corner. Austin’s knee to the highest gets the identical and a kick to the highest makes it even worse. A springboard Disaster Kick sends Reed outside and the Fosbury Flop moonsault connects once more inside of. Reed shoves him off the very best for a BIG crash to the bottom, followed by the use of an even better operating flip dive over the publish for the huge spot of the night time time.

Back in and Reed nips up for a cutter, followed by the use of an Oscutter for a quite with reference to fall. Austin is smart enough to roll outside previous to Reed can hit something else. Well in concept that’s excellent as you don’t know about Reed. Back in and Austin gets in a shot to the face, putting in a absolute best rope spinning Fameasser and each and every different with reference to fall. Another Oscutter is countered proper right into a not great taking a look trade of rollups, capped off by the use of each and every different cutter to Austin. Back up and Austin tries each and every different rollup then again Reed sits down on it for the pin at 7:08.

Result: Myron Reed b. Ace Austin – Rollup (7:08)

Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs. Puma King

Non-title flag are compatible, which means that you pull down your own flag to win with Aria Blake and Konnan are the seconds. Friedman’s America is AWESOME speech is bring to a standstill and, after a couple of of Puma’s quite energetic antics, we’re ready to move. Friedman draws a line in the course of the ring so Puma lays at the most efficient rope. They transfer to a couple of elementary takedowns until King stops for the specified Fortnite dancing.

An reasonably priced shot from Konnan earns some cheering then again Friedman knocks King outside for a Fosbury Flop of his private (giving us some continuity issues as Bocchini discussed the one inside the previous are compatible used to be as soon as the second one one of the most night time time, whilst proper right here he made it sound like the principle). They head outside with Puma being whipped into the barricade as Tony can’t figure out why the lovers are chanting for Friedman. The fight heads into the group then again Friedman is smart enough to run once more over the barricade as King has a chair loaded up.

A Blake distraction lets Friedman snap King’s throat across the ropes, leaving the announcers to marvel why Friedman isn’t going for the flag. The chinlock is happening as a substitute until King kicks him inside the head. King gets tied inside the Tree of Woe then again manages to pull himself up for a hurricanrana. A push into the rope crotches King then again he’s right kind once more with a superbomb. That, plus a kiss to Blake, is enough for King to pull the flag down for the win at 7:12.

Result: Puma King b. Maxwell Jacob Friedman – King pulled down the flag (7:12)

If you identical to the sound of this show, you are able to see it in entire for free right kind proper right here:

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