Main Event Results – July 4, 2019

Main Event
Date: July 4, 2019
Location: American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas
Commentators: Byron Saxton, Renee Young

It’s a holiday edition of the show and that isn’t likely to matter as this is mainly an international show. Things got a lot more interesting this week on Raw and hopefully that carries over to here as well. Smackdown was its usual slog of a two hour show but it’s not like Smackdown means anything around here. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Dana Brooke vs. Sarah Logan

It’s trilogy time and we even get a recap of their previous matches. Logan kicks her in the face to start and hits a few slams, setting up some howling. We’re already in the chinlock, drawing a rare DANA chant. Dana sends her outside for a cartwheel elbow to the face, followed by the Wade Barrett middle rope suplex into a suplex. A headscissors sets up a rollup for two on Logan, who is right back with the standing Texas Cloverleaf. That’s broken up as well so it’s the cartwheel splash for two on Logan. That’s fine though, as Logan hits a running knee to the back of the head for the pin at 5:48.

Result: Sarah Logan b. Dana Brooke – Knee to the back of the head (5:48)

From Raw.

Bobby Lashley vs. Braun Strowman

Falls Count Anywhere. Lashley hits an early spear and they’re on the floor in a hurry. Strowman hits the big shoulder and drops a backsplash for two. A big tackle knocks Strowman into the timekeeper’s area for two more and they head into the crowd. It’s the walking around form of brawling until Lashley hits him in the back with a chair for two. They get into a clearing with Strowman hitting a heck of a charge to run Lashley over for two.

It’s up to the stage with Lashley getting in an impressive suplex for two of his own. A big spear sends Lashley through the set and it’s a BUNCH of explosions (Graves: “HOLY S***! Uncensored too.) with the screen’s lights going out. Both guys are sprayed with fire extinguishers and the referees call for EMTs as the match is of course thrown out at about 6:00.

Result: Bobby Lashley vs. Braun Strowman went to a no contest when the set exploded (6:00)

And they go boom:

[This post contains video, click to play]

The medics look at both of them for a good while with no commentary. We even take a break and come back with the two of them being put into ambulances.

And from Smackdown.

We see a video from Lashley’s Twitter, saying Strowman got what he deserved. That had nothing to do with wrestling because they went into an unsafe area. Lashley could have been electrocuted or something worse but Strowman didn’t care. The next time Lashley sees that son of a b****, he’s sending him to the morgue.

From Smackdown again.

Here are Kofi Kingston and Samoa Joe for a face to face showdown. Joe talks about choking him out last night, which was an act of generosity. It seems that Kofi is always receiving some kind of act of generosity. Whenever New Day is given a singles match, it’s always Kofi getting the shot because he’s the New Day’s guy. Joe says they’re using the people just like he does and in a few years, Woods and Big E. can be the hype man and butler.

Kofi talks about everything he has done by himself while Joe lost the US Title to Ricochet. Joe is the one always jumping people from behind but Joe isn’t convinced. He knows Kofi always has a way out planned, like when he brought in his kids. Kofi calls Joe jealous but Joe offers a handshake in honor of choking Kofi out two weeks in a row.

If Kofi will shake his hand, Joe will promise the safety of everyone Kofi holds dear until Extreme Rules. There’s no handshake, so Joe gives him five seconds before he starts slapping Kofi around the ring. Instead Kofi flips him off and hits Trouble in Paradise.

It’s time to change the character up:

[This post contains video, click to play]

Video on Baron Corbin/Lacey Evans vs. Seth Rollins/Becky Lynch.

Extreme Rules rundown.

Robert Roode vs. Cedric Alexander

Roode headlocks him to start so Alexander is right back with some running shoulders and a hip swivel. We take a very abrupt break and come back with Alexander kicking him in the face. The suicide dive connects and Cedric’s springboard clothesline gets two. Roode snaps off the spinebuster for his own two but the Glorious DDT is countered into the Neuralizer for another near fall. Roode gets smart though and grabs a rollup with rope for the pin at 7:39.

Result: Robert Roode b. Cedric Alexander – Rollup while holding the rope (7:39)

From Raw.

Here are Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre for a chat. After the long intro, Shane talks about having other responsibilities other than gracing us with his presence. We look back at McIntyre and Shane beating up Roman Reigns last week but cut it off before Undertaker appeared. Shane promises to destroy the Undertaker again at Extreme Rules and Drew says he will not be intimidated by Undertaker. Drew is ready to fight right now and wants Undertaker out here right now. The thunder rumbles and the lights go out. Lightning hits some turnbuckles and here’s Undertaker.

Shane and Drew bail into the crowd and Undertaker says Reigns never asked for his help. If you need to know what happened last week, Undertaker will explain. He has been the reaper of wayward souls for a long time and he is here to collect Shane and Drew’s. Shane had a little of Undertaker’s respect for awhile because of their match inside the Cell. Just like most mortals though, Shane fell victim to his greed and ego. Therefore, Undertaker is claiming his soul for all of eternity. The two of them will never rest in peace.

Undertaker has a reason:

[This post contains video, click to play]

And from Raw again.

US Title: Ricochet vs. AJ Styles

Ricochet is defending. An early rollup gives Ricochet two and he knocks AJ down in a hurry. The springboard splash hits raised knees though and AJ takes over. The fans are split as Ricochet knocks him to the floor for the big flip dive. Back in and AJ knocks him backwards a few steps, setting up the Phenomenal Forearm for the pin and the title….despite Ricochet having his foot under the ropes at two. Cue a second referee as we find another way to not have action during a break.

Back with the match restarting and the Good Brothers at ringside. Ricochet hits an enziguri and a lifting swinging neckbreaker for two. The Phoenix splash misses so Ricochet sends him over the top and face first onto the apron. The big running flip dive misses but Ricochet lands on his feet. That’s fine with AJ, who hits another Phenomenal Forearm to the floor. Back in and the torture rack powerbomb gives AJ two but he gets caught on top. Ricochet knocks him down and grabs a spinning rollup for the pin to retain at 10:13.

Result: Ricochet b. AJ Styles – Rollup (10:13)

Post match they shake hands but the Good Brothers get on the apron. Ricochet is ready to fight but AJ decks him for the heel turn. The beatdown is on with a Magic Killer and a middle rope Styles Clash leaving Ricochet laying. AJ and the Good Brothers give the Too Sweet sign and Gallows says they’re back to end the show.

They did it again:

[This post contains video, click to play]

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