Is Seth Rollins the True Top Guy in WWE?

Seth Rollins is the best in WWE right now. That is no secret for anyone paying attention to the product lately. Rollins has truly stepped his game like never before since becoming the Intercontinental champion at WrestleMania 34.

His run as WWE champion in 2015 was good but he did not receive the acclaim he’s receiving now. That may have been due to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s constant involvement or it may have been due to Rollins’ status as the top heel. However fans just cannot get enough of him now and he definitely looks great in every aspect of his game. Seth has proved there’s life after The Authority and he is making his case for best in the world.

But while he may be on an all-time high in the company, he’s not the top guy. That may not be an issue for him or his fans but for a great many of the WWE faithful, Rollins is the perfect alternative to Roman Reigns. Reigns’ run as the face of WWE has been deemed a failed experiment by some. Yet no matter how many critics believe Roman will eventually lose his position of power, WWE shows no real signs of making that move.

Watch Seth take on Finn for the IC title on Raw:

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So Seth Rollins is the top hand on Monday Night Raw even though he does have some stiff competition. Chief among them is Finn Balor, who can step up and deliver any night of the week. Balor is a valued performer and is more than capable of taking the top slot on Raw if WWE decides to go in that direction.

Balor and Rollins have had some classic battles, with each man proving what hard work and dedication can bring. They have great chemistry and they will surely cross paths again at some point. As long as both men are working on the same program, there is always a chance of them running into each other. Their characters want to win and the Superstars themselves are extremely competitive.

Kevin Owens is another star than shines bright on Raw and fans have been reminded of that recently. The prizefighter was mired in a rivalry with Shane McMahon on SmackDown but now he’s finding new life on Monday nights. His reemergence as a main event player gives Rollins another talent to work with, which is important to keeping Seth’s momentum going.

Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre are also on the red brand and each man could have a very intriguing rivalry with The Kingslayer. Hopes for McIntyre are especially high, because he is regaining his old form as the chosen one. His first run in WWE was perhaps doomed from the start thanks to expectations from the company. But now he looks like a championship caliber contender.

This is the upper echelon of Raw’s most skilled in-ring Superstars and Seth Rollins is at the forefront. Reigns is rolling along as the company’s most hated babyface. Braun Strowman continues to wow the crowd with his physical prowess. But it’s Rollins who excels week in and week out. It’s at this point that anyone following WWE would ask why he’s not the top guy.

Watch Seth defend the IC title against Owens on Raw:

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It’s a reasonable question. Why does the top spot exist if not to reward the most over Superstar on the roster? Hasn’t Seth worked harder than everyone else in the company to reach that level? What is preventing him from becoming the face of WWE?

Many would argue that the top spot is for the top draw and the top draw has historically not always been the best worker. Hulk Hogan is a prime example of this and even John Cena is in that conversation. It’s not to suggest that either man did not give maximum effort, but neither one was ever accused of being the best pro wrestler in the company.

But the problem now is that Reigns may or may not be the top draw in WWE. Yes he’s on top and yes the company is behind him but if he left right now, would their business fall? Would house show attendance plummet? Would Monday Night Raw’s ratings immediately go down and would WWE take a massive hit in merchandise sales?

No one is debating Roman’s effort. Even his most ardent critics acknowledge that he does give everything he has in the ring. They know he works hard. They believe that. But knowing and believing is not the same as accepting. Roman Reigns is hated and if he were to leave, WWE may or may not feel the impact of it. Is the top draw spot based upon that draw’s ability to put bodies in the arena? Or is his polarizing presence alone supposed to be enough to justify his top guy booking?

The modern day WWE product is a complete package of men and women, of characters, gimmicks and matches. It’s the totality of the presentation that seems to be the draw, instead of just one man. Reigns may or may not be that man and the same is true of Brock Lesnar. If anyone believes he is the top draw, then they must ask themselves the same questions that fans are asking about Roman. Can no one outdraw The Beast Incarnate? Is the company in trouble without him?

Watch Rollins in Vienna:

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Perhaps it’s up to the fans to determine who deserves the top spot and who actually has it. There is no denying that Seth Rollins is delivering amazing performances right now. He’s automatic in the ring and he’s a pleasure to watch. His matches remind fans of exactly why they love the sport of professional wrestling and not just the entertainment aspect of it. He is the real deal.

If being the top guy means being the best in the ring, on the mic and working on a level above everyone else, then Seth Rollins is the top guy right now. He is the epitome of what a WWE Superstar should be and more importantly, of what a professional wrestler should be. No one can touch him. He is The Man. Whether or not he is the man on top continues to be up for debate.

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