The big red political machine. In one of the more interesting wrestling stories of the last year or so, Kane has been running for Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, which would basically make him Mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee. While this may seem like a ridiculous idea, Kane is known as one of the smartest people in the wrestling business and may have had a shot to pull it off. The primaries were held on Tuesday and Kane’s name was on the ballot. How did things come out?

He certainly has a lighter side.

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According to WATE (from Knoxville), Kane won the Republican primary by a final tally of 14,633 to 14,616 over opponent Brad Anders. While all of the precincts have been counted, the race isn’t quite over yet. The seventeen vote margin could be changed by a total of ninety three provisional ballots have to be dealt with. These ballots could or could not be counted as they have been flagged for a variety of reasons, including the voters not being registered to not having a photo ID to having to vote by paper due to an electrical error. The votes will be finalized by next week.

Opinion: Good for him. I’m really not sure what else to say here as Kane entering and potentially winning a major office is almost unbelievable. There’s a very real chance that he could win the whole thing and if that’s the case, he’s going to be gone from WWE for a very long time. It’s not like Kane was going to be in WWE much longer (the article listed him as a former WWE wrestler) so at least he might have found something else to do in retirement.

What is your favorite Kane moment? Would you like to see him have one last match? Let us know in the comments below.

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