Dean Ambrose to Betray Seth Rollins at WWE ‘SummerSlam’?

Dean Ambrose has finally returned to WWE. The Lunatic Fringe came out on the August 13 edition of Monday Night Raw and joined Seth Rollins in a physical confrontation with Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre.

The two former Shield teammates stood tall in the ring and fought side by side against the Intercontinental champion and his Scottish enforcer. Rollins is booked against Dolph for the IC title at SummerSlam on August 19 and Ambrose will be in his corner. But will Dean do the unthinkable and turn on his best friend?

It seems like a long shot perhaps but the timing may be right for Ambrose to turn heel once again. Dean’s mission at SummerSlam is to bring his unique level of insanity to Seth’s corner. He can even the odds for Rollins against Ziggler and McIntyre, which is something Seth has needed for quite some time. The Kingslayer has been trying to find a way to fend off both Drew and Dolph but to no avail. Rollins wants his Intercontinental Championship back but so far, he has been unable to get it because of McIntyre.

But the fact is that Seth cannot feud with Dolph forever. Rollins must move on at some point, which likely means that SummerSlam will be his last shot. He and Ziggler have told a good story but it’s possible that story is coming to an end. After all, Dean Ambrose is back now and he needs something to do. Why not rekindle the rivalry between him and Seth?

Watch Ambrose return to WWE:

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Dean went out with a triceps injury in December of 2017 and has not been seen on Monday Night Raw since then. Many fans feel that WWE’s flagship program just has not been the same without him. Ambrose brings a different kind of energy, one that no one else possesses. It’s more than just his gimmick and it’s more than how he’s booked. Ambrose has something intangible that simply cannot be taught.

Dean just has a different approach to his character and it’s one that definitely sets him apart from everyone else. Fans never know what to expect when Ambrose is in the ring or on the mic. It’s that unpredictability that consistently makes him a loose cannon. No one knows what he will do next and it’s impossible to know just how out of control things can get when he’s around.

Why would anyone believe that a character like that is the least bit trustworthy? Dean Ambrose plays by his own rules and he always has. Even when he debuted in The Shield with Rollins and Roman Reigns, it was obvious that Dean was the wildcard of the group. He was along for the ride because it benefitted him and because his teammates shared his appetite for anarchy.

Ambrose never made the turn then because he was looking at the bigger picture. He knew there was more value in sticking with the group that made him famous. But had Triple H approached him in 2014 instead of Rollins with the offer of the WWE Championship and a seat of power, Ambrose may have accepted it.

Watch Rollins betray Ambrose and Reigns:

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Of course The Game knew that Dean could not be trusted. Ambrose is a renegade at heart and it’s extremely difficult to do business with anyone like that. Hunter wanted a power hungry egotist that thrived on stardom and would do anything to get it. Seth Rollins was his man and it was definitely the right call to make.

A long term union between Dean and The Authority indeed would never have worked during that time because Ambrose doesn’t care about power. He never has. Dean wants turmoil. He wants destruction. Dean Ambrose wants to see the establishment fall and he doesn’t care who goes down as a result. He’s too much of a rebel for anyone, especially Triple H. But what about Seth Rollins?

Would Dean really betray Seth now? From the moment that Rollins turned babyface, he has stayed true to his new character. He’s been a stand-up guy and has not shown any signs of reverting back to his old ways. He extended the olive branch to Dean and had to prove his worth before Ambrose would be willing to accept it. Seth had every opportunity to disappoint Ambrose again but he did not do it. Rollins was every bit the man that he said he was. So why would Dean stab him in the back now?

The primary problem with trying to decipher Dean’s next move or understanding his motivation is that infamous unpredictability. Dean is truly not like anyone else and that’s what makes him dangerous. He doesn’t have a reason to betray Seth Rollins at SummerSlam, so that means he probably will. He shouldn’t stand by and watch Seth lose once again due to outside interference so that is likely going to happen.

Watch Dean and Seth reunited on Raw:

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Dean Ambrose could even help his best friend and then celebrate with Seth’s Intercontinental title win after the match is over. But that means The Lunatic Fringe will live up to his nickname and destroy Rollins, leaving him for dead in the ring.

Ambrose is one of the most popular Superstars in WWE. There is no doubt about that. But if he lays a hand on Seth Rollins at SummerSlam, Dean is an automatic heel. Rollins has never been more over with the crowd than he is right now and he could heel out anyone he faces. Dean has the crowd on his side but that could change in an instant and WWE knows it.

That’s why a Dean Ambrose turn at SummerSlam will work. He is the right heel for the right moment and for the right brand, which is in need of more quality antagonists. Dean can get very hot very fast and that is especially true if he assaults Seth Rollins at SummerSlam. Maybe it doesn’t make sense for Ambrose to do the wrong thing. But in Dean’s world, there is no right or wrong. There is only chaos. That is one motivation that always keeps him going and there’s no reason to believe that will change any time soon.

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