Chris Jericho had a Interview with HuffPost Live to Promote the Season Finale of Tough Enough. In the Interview Jericho mentioned that Vince Used to call him “the most effeminate tough guy he has ever met”. Jericho mentioned that he is also responsible for Alberto Del Rio‘s Scarf Gimmick, It is Because McMahon don’t like Scarfs and he Hated it When Jericho used to Wear Scarf. McMahon Thinks that scarfs are Feminine than Rock and Roll, Jericho Also mentioned that he was Inspired by Keith Richards to wear Scarfs.

Jericho Said, “When Alberto Del Rio was in the company, he wore scarves to the ring and that was a direct order from Vince,” Jericho recalled. According to Jericho, McMahon would say that “scarves are heat”.

Jericho on Racism In WWE- “if you want to find something to complain about, you can, but if you want to also appreciate what’s going on, you can”. He Also Mentioned That He never Actully Saw Racism in WWE But He mentioned that there were stereotyping in the past.

“Diversity is the word and WWE is a billion dollar company,” Jericho said. “I think WWE is probably far and beyond more diverse than most entertainment companies are. I think right now the Tag Team Champions [the New Day] are African American and they just won the [titles] from some African American dudes [the Prime Time Players].”

Jericho even joked about Canadians on WWE stereotyping.

“What about Canadians? What about racial profiling against Canadians? A mountie? We had a mountie [in WWE]!. If there’s any type of racial comments, everyone’s offended except for Canadians. No one ever stands up for the Canadians. Ever! You know why? It’s because we’re too friendly to worry about it.”

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