AJ Styles is No Doubt one of the most Greatest Performer in The ring. The former IWGP and TNA Champion AJ Styles has become One Of the Most Wanted Wrestlerafter his NJPW Run. In a very Intersting Interview With Wrestling Observer Radio he said that His run with NJPW is really Fun and he Injoys the Time there but If a Offer were to be Made from WWE he would have to Listen, And Coudn’t refuge.
He also mentioned that he is planoing to Retire when he’s 42 and that gives him 5 more Years in the Business.

“At 42, that’ll be 20 years for me. I think that’s a good stopping point, if I make it. You never know what will happen next. Blowing out my knee at this point in my career could be career-ending. I was planning on retiring early, but apparently IUDs don’t work for my wife,” AJ joked.

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