Charlotte Flair: “I Didn’t Find Out I Was Winning The Title Until I Got There”

WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair was recently interviewed on “Out of Character” with Ryan Satin, where she discussed a number of topics. Among them were her return to WWE, dental issues that kept her out of wrestling, how she found out she was winning the Smackdown Women’s Championship and more.

Below are some highlights from the interview:

On returning to WWE:

“I didn’t feel any ring rust. The only difference is being a good guy instead of a bad guy, you know, wanting to tell my bad guy what to do (she laughs), but keep your mouth shut. But no, it’s been great. This is the first time I’ve really committed to being a good guy. Like, I’m all in. There’s no on the fence or I don’t want to do this or I feel awkward. I’m gonna go for it.”

On dental issues that kept Charlotte out of the ring:

“Literally a week before the wedding, the implant failed. So actually, during my ceremony, I had like 22 stitches up here because they had to cut out the, when it failed, it was an infection. So then over the summer, bone grafting, two gum grafting procedures. Everyone’s like, ‘Why were you gone? Dental issues are hard to explain. I’m probably gonna have to replace that third implant that we tried to save.”

“The first time I had my teeth knocked out, I was like six years old and I was riding my bike. I fell over the handlebars and knocked out all fours. We found three, put two in milk, saved the three and one was gone. We just couldn’t find it until I got home. We took off my hoodie and it just fell out of the hoodie. Then obviously, two ended up dying. Then all star cheerleading in middle school, seventh grade, one girl knocked it out. Her nickname was Duck. The next year, she knocked them out again. Then I knocked them out in Germany with Carmella. So like it, it’s been a process.”

On how Charlotte found out she was winning the Smackdown Women’s Championship:

“I didn’t find out I was winning the title till I got there. I didn’t have my gear with me. My amazing cleaning lady brought me my gear. I should have known better, like, I’m coming to a wrestling show. I just brought my outfit. I thought it was just going to be like a walkout surprise because I’d been gone for so long. There didn’t need to be any, like, major fireworks. But no, when I got there, they’re like,’ Oh, you need your gear.’”

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