Former WWE ‘Tough Enough’ Winner Matt Cappotelli’s Health Is Declining

Matt Cappotelli's wife provides a heartbreaking update on Matt.
Former WWE 'Tough Enough' winner Matt Cappotelli has had a rollercoaster of a life. Cappotelli earned a WWE contract along with John Morrison as the two men won the third season of 'Tough Enough'. After making a number of appearances on WWE programming he was sent to OVW to continue training and eventually became OVW Heavyweight Champion. In 2005 Cappotelli was diagnosed with a tumor just a few years after earning his WWE contract which forced him to relinquish the OVW Heavyweight Championship.
During the summer of 2017 Cappotelli announced that he was set to undergo emergency surgery after doctors discovered a large tumor in his brain. Over the following weeks and months Cappotelli provided updates on his health but recently Cappotelli's wife, Lindsay, posted the following detailed update onto her personal blog sharing the news that Matt's health is severely declining and noted that s..

Fight Size Update: Shinsuke Nakamura Teases A Stipulation For His WWE Title Match, ‘Chuco El Roto’ Falls Off A Cage, Tommaso Ciampa, More

Here's your Fight Size wrestling Update for the morning of May 21st, 2018.
– At 'Money In The Bank' on June 17th Shinsuke Nakamura will have another shot to capture the WWE Championship from AJ Styles. Last week on SmackDown Live Styles & Nakamura did battle once again and the winner of their bout was going to be given the power to select the stipulation for their upcoming match at the 'Money In The Bank' PPV. “The King Of Strong Style” emerged victorious in the match and has yet to officially make his decision regarding the stipulation but he did give a vague hint that he is in the process of selecting one.
– There was a news story that broke on the 18th which read that a barber tossed his customer through the window for complaining about a haircut. Shawn Michaels jokingly commented on the report stating that he had nothing to do with it, referencing his infamous “Super-Kick” to Marty Jannetty through Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake's barbershop window.

Report: NXT Live Event Match Changed Due To Audience Reaction

Chad Lail pulled out the victory in Dallas and he reportedly wasn't supposed to.
In Dallas at an NXT Live Event, Kassius Ohno wrestled Chad Lail. According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer, Ohno has wrestled Lail many times on the tour and usually wins but the Dallas Crowd had a unique response. The report says the fans chanted for Lail and in the middle of the match the roles and momentum shifted to Lail who ended up winning.
Lail took notice of the fan reaction and commented on Twitter.
Apparently Dallas loves me! #CrazyUncleChad
— Chad Lail (@ChadLailWWE) May 19, 2018
For almost a year, Lail has been wrestling on the NXT Live tours but has yet to have a match on the weekly show. His last television match was in Impact Wrestling under the name Gunner.
Lail will appear on an upcoming episode of NXT and Fightful Wrestling has the spoilers for that episode.
Fightful Wrestling will have live coverage for NXT every Wednesday and the brand is discussed on the Fightful..

Exclusive: Colby Covington Calls Conor McGregor A “Coked Up Leprechaun,” Says RDA Did Steroids

Colby Covington's months of trash talk — and in-cage success — has paid off, and he'll have his first crack at UFC gold in June against Rafael dos Anjos.
The fight, originally planned for Brazil, got moved to Chicago for UFC 225 on June 9. When asked by if the Conor McGregor bus attack incident and subsequent reshuffling of several shows played into it, Covington had other theories.
“It had nothing to do with the McGregor incident. They wanted this moment in American history to happen on U.S. soil. The filthy animals in Brazil don't deserve it,” said Covington. “If we get the steroid version of RDA, it'll probably take me until the second or third round to finish him. If we get the clean version, he's leaving on a stretcher. That's a spoiler for you.”
Never one to pass up an opportunity to take a shot at a big name, Covington also reacted to the issues McGregor faced in New York.
“I was actually getting on a plane to New York as it happ..

Su Yung Calls Impact Wrestling Debut “A Dream Come True”

Su Yung wanted to be in Impact Wrestling since watching a Jeff Jarrett match.
On May 31st, Su Yung will be challenging Allie for the Knockouts Championship on the Impact Wrestling event Under Pressure. Yung has not been wrestling for Impact Wrestling long as she started wrestling regularly for the promotion in January. In an interview with AMBY, Yung said she was excited to make her debut because she looked up to so many of Impact Wrestling's stars.
“Legitimately debuting at Impact is a dream come true for me. When I first started wrestling, the first pay-per-view I saw…watching Slammiversary live in Nashville, it was Jeff Jarrett versus Sting and I was like 'oh my god, I'm in love.' Gail Kim was there. I love Gail Kim so much. All of my idols are there,” said Yung. “I can't describe being there with all my favorite people in the world,” she added.
Su Yung went onto say her and Diamante are close friends who often reminisce how far they have came in pro..

Samoa Joe: “I Relish Any Chance To Punch AJ Styles In The Face”

The two men will fight forever.
Samoa Joe and AJ Styles' careers have been synonymous with one another seeing as how they both were focal points in TNA and rose to the top of the mountain at similar times. Over the years the two men ended up in the same locker rooms and encountered each other as their careers progressed and both found their individual success. Samoa Joe is now three years into his WWE run and AJ is two years into his and now they both are a part of the SmackDown Live brand. Joe wasted no time putting AJ Styles on notice confronting him about the WWE Championship on a recent edition of the show and while WWE was touring the U.K. Sky Sports spoke with Samoa Joe to grab his thoughts on AJ Styles.
“I relish any chance to punch AJ Styles in the face.” He said. “Because he’s a man I respect greatly, and I find that I wanna punch people in the face that I respect greatly.” Joe continued, “Yeah similar, diverging paths, different places different times. But yeah I mean,..