AHA! Fans Believe They Have Solved Bray Wyatt’s Uncle Howdy Mystery

That’s him? There are a lot of ways to introduce a wrestler onto television and some of them involve not letting the fans know everything at once. Sometimes you will see a wrestler debut and not know who they are just yet. That can leave fans guessing, and now they are guessing again about the identity of a character who has only been around for a few weeks.

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Over the last few weeks, Bray Wyatt’s alleged Uncle Howdy has been appearing on SmackDown. Howdy was back last week and attacked Wyatt in the ring, though his identity is still unknown. Following the attack, former Ring Of Honor star Vincent sent out a tweet saying “Sane? Well that’s relative…dig what I’m saying?” This has led to fan speculation that Vincent is Howdy, though this has yet to be confirmed. There is also no guarantee that someone wearing the Howdy mask on SmackDown will be the person playing him when his identity is revealed. Vincent has been rumored to be part of the storyline for several weeks now.

Sane? Well that’s relative… dig what I’m saying? pic.twitter.com/9ppyf8KPB2

— Vincent (@TheHorrorKingVM) December 31, 2022


— Rudy? (@Rcking181) December 31, 2022

this is uncle howdy @WhatsTheStatus

— ? (@ccustomed) December 31, 2022


— Conner?? (@ConnerPW_) December 31, 2022

We dig….HOWDY friend!! pic.twitter.com/ptw6ML73Jx

— HuRdYsKeTcH_ ??? ??????? ?????? (@Hurdysketch_WWE) December 31, 2022

I recognized that walk away from the ring. Welcome to the fold

— Paul Wright (@skullhd1313) December 31, 2022

Is that him? Check out Howdy and Vincent:

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[This post contains video, click to play]

Opinion: This is one of those things that could wind up being the right answer or possibly a red herring. At the end of the day, Vincent would fit the spot rather well, but it might be a little more complicated than that. Vincent could wind up being involved in the story as someone else, as this is the kind of story that could go in so many different directions. That being said, it would be a rather nice fit if WWE chooses to go that way.

What do you think of Vincent in the role? How do you see the story going? Let us know in the comments below.

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