AEW Dynamite Results – December 28, 2022

Date: December 28, 2022
Location: 1st Bank Center, Broomfield, Colorado
Commentators: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Taz

It’s another stacked show this week with another Death Triangle vs. Elite match, plus the TNT Title is on the line as Samoa Joe defends against Wardlow. Other than that, we are going to hear from MJF, but Bryan Danielson might have something to say about him. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Bryan Danielson vs. Ethan Page

Stokely Hathaway is here with Page…and hang on as here is MJF in a sky box to watch. The distraction lets Page jump Danielson, with MJF having his own mic to mock him for a bonus. Page hits a slam but Danielson is right back with a running clothesline. The chops rock Page and the kicks in the corner make it even worse. Page knocks him back down but Danielson manages to knock him off the top.

The top rope dropkick drops Page but Danielson has to knock Hathaway’s hat off. The distraction doesn’t work for Page, who gets dropkicked to the floor. Page gets in a cheap shot on the floor though and we take a break. Back with Danielson missing the running knee off the apron, thanks to Hathaway shoving Page out of the way.

A powerslam on the floor plants Danielson again and they head back inside, where Danielson grabs a tornado DDT. The LeBell Lock goes on but Page gets a boot on the rope for the save. They head up top again where Danielson fires off the hammer and anvil elbows, only to be reversed into a super powerslam for two. The Ego’s Edge is broken up though and it’s the running knee into the stomps to Page’s head. Danielson grabs a Regal Stretch for the tap at 16:21.

Result: Bryan Danielson b. Ethan Page – Regal Stretch (16:21)

Video on Wardlow vs. Samoa Joe.

Wardlow is ready for Joe, who runs in and blasts Wardlow in the knee with a pipe.

Hangman Page doesn’t think much of Renee Paquette asking about his concussion status but apologizes for being rude. He still isn’t cleared, but has to be held back from going to fight Jon Moxley right now. The doctor says he’s on the right track though and he could be back in the ring in about two weeks. Page seems to approve, albeit impatiently.

Jon Moxley/Claudio Castagnoli/Top Flight

Top Flight clears the ring to start but their dives don’t work so well as both of them are sent into the barricade. Back in and we officially start with Castagnoli slamming Darius, allowing Moxley to come in and kick him in the ribs. Darius manages to get over to Dante for the tag and some of the house is cleaned. The Club is in trouble and we take an early break. Back with Dante having to avoid the Swing but Darius gets caught in it instead.

That leaves Dante to jump over the swinging Darius until he can make the save. Castagnoli suplexes Top Flight at the same time but a superkick cuts him off. A springboard Downward Spiral plants Castagnoli with Moxley (holding his knee) having to make the save.

Everything breaks down and Darius reverses the uppercut into a backslide for two. The Neutralizer hits Darius….for two, with Castagnoli giving us a stunned kickout face. Castagnoli hammer and anvil elbows Darius as Moxley Paradigm Shifts Dante on the floor. Darius tries to fight up but gets BLASTED with an uppercut to give Castagnoli the pin at 13:21.

Result: Claudio Castagnoli/Jon Moxley b. Top Flight – Uppercut to Darius (13:21)

Moxley applauds Dante after the match and Castagnoli looks impressed with Darius.

Kip Sabian wants one more match with Orange Cassidy but Trent says he tossed Sabian so he should get the shot. That’s apparently official for Rampage.

Hook vs. Baylum Lynx

Non-title, suplexes, crossface shots, Redrum finishes for Hook at 55 seconds.

Result: Hook b. Baylum Lynx – Redrum (0:55)

Post match the Firm comes out to stare down Hook but Jack Perry comes out to even things up a bit. Perry takes Lee Moriarty down as Hook stares Big Bill down. Hook can’t t-bone him but Perry comes in with a 2×4 shot to Big Bill’s back to send him running. Hook seems appreciative.

We look at Chris Jericho’s recent issues, including with Ricky Starks.

Jericho is ready for Starks on January 4 and brags about burning Action Andretti last week.

Swerve Strickland brags about Mogul Affiliates but still doesn’t name the tattooed guy. Wheeler Yuta comes in to talk about violence and gets a match with Swerve on Rampage.

Elite vs. Death Triangle

Match #6 in the best of seven series with Death Triangle up 3-2. This is Falls Count Anywhere so they start the brawl in the back, with the fight going from a hall into what looks to be catering. Pac moonsaults off a pile onto a bunch of people, followed by Nick diving off what looks to be some risers for a flip dive through Penta and a table with snacks.

They go into the arena for the first time with Fenix hitting a big corkscrew dive off the set to take the Bucks down. Omega comes in with a running knee to Fenix, leaving Pac and Matt to slug it out. Matt rolls his northern lights suplexes down the ramp and we take a break. Back with Omega in trouble in the ring and having a trashcan put over his head. A triple dropkick into the trashcan gets two but Matt is back in with a running knee to Pac in the corner.

Penta superkicks Matt and hits the Sling Blade. Matt hits a destroyer but Fenix hits a frog splash. Omega is back in with the snapdragon to Pac to leave everyone down. Penta double stomps Omega on the floor for two with the Bucks making a save. Back in and Penta takes out both Bucks, setting up the flip dive to Omega and Michael Nakazawa on the floor.

The running Meltzer Driver off the apron plants Penta on the floor with Pac making the save. Back in and the BTE Trigger gets two more on Penta with Pac making another save. Matt superkicks Nick by mistake, allowing Pac to grab the Brutalizer. At the same time, Kenny One Winged Angels Fenix off a platform through a table for the pin at 17:15.

Result: Elite b. Death Triangle – One Winged Angel through a table to Fenix (17:15)

The Acclaimed raps about Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal, complete with a Global Force reference, plus a reference to losing to Ric Flair in Flair’s Last Match.

Anna Jay/Tay Melo vs. Ruby Soho/Willow Nightingale

Nightingale can’t quite get to Melo to start so it’s off to Jay. That’s fine with Ruby, who hammers away at the face to try and even the broken nose score. Nightingale comes back in to waistlock Melo but gets taken down as we take a break. Back with Nightingale fighting out of trouble and handing it back to Ruby to hammer on Melo’s face again.

No Future gets two on Melo and Anna pump kicks Nightingale. With Nightingale and Anna on the floor, Melo and Soho headbutt each other down. The referee yells at Nightingale and Jay, leaving Melo to throw a chair at Ruby. Soho holds onto it so Melo can hit a kick to the chair, followed by the Tay KO for the pin at 11:56.

Result: Anna Jay/Tay Melo b. Ruby Soho/Willow Nightingale – Tay KO to Soho (11:56)

The Gunn Club leaves rather than deal with FTR.

Here’s what is coming on various shows.

Ricky Starks is ready to beat Chris Jericho next week.

TNT Title: Samoa Joe vs. Wardlow

Joe is defending but hold on because there is no Wardlow. As Joe mocks the Denver Broncos, here is a limping Wardlow for the opening bell. Joe hammers away until a spinebuster cuts him off. The Rock Bottom out of the corner plants Wardlow but he’s right back with a hard clothesline. A shot to the knee cuts Wardlow off again though and we take a break.

Back with Wardlow getting back in despite the doctor not exactly approving. Joe goes after the knee again but Wardlow fights up and knocks him down. The Swanton gets two on Joe, followed by a Whisper in the Wind for the same. Wardlow’s wind up clothesline gets two more but Joe gets in a kick to the ribs. Joe hammers away in the corner until a powerbomb plants him down. Wardlow loads up the Powerbomb Symphony but the knee gives out. The Koquina Clutch goes on and Wardlow is out at 11:51.

Result: Samoa Joe b. Wardlow – Koquina Clutch (11:51)

Post match Wardlow eventually gets up but Joe knocks him down again. With Wardlow out, Joe finds some scissors in a toolbox, headbutts the referee, and cuts off Wardlow’s hair. Then Darby Allin comes out with a skateboard shot to Joe’s back to clear the ring and end the show.

Bryan Danielson b. Ethan Page – Regal Stretch
Jon Moxley/Claudio Castagnoli b. Top Flight – Uppercut to Darius
Hook b. Baylum Lynx – Redrum
Elite b. Death Triangle – One Winged Angel through a table to Fenix
Anna Jay/Tay Melo b. Ruby Soho/Willow Nightingale – Koquina Clutch

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