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Yodhaon Ka Mahasangram

ymsYodhaon Ka Mahasangram was the Pro Wrestling Event happened in Taudevilal Stadium Gurgaon, Haryana. The event organized was Ventom Event company. The main attraction of the event was Appereance of The Great Khali.

Tickets were sold fraudulently for upto Rupees 5000 in the name of Wrestling Event.  Mostly villagers turned down the event without paying and occupied all the paid seats . The show was suppose to start at 6:00 pm but no one showed up before  9. At 10:00 Pm Sharat saxena holding up mic, Sangram singh swinging through the ropes when Angry crowd started throwing empty water bottles thus making battle zone into bottlezone. The angry crowd took down all the camera cranes and broke the ring. There were also few gun shots heard , cars windows were broke, Cheerleaders and wrestlers were chased by angry mob. Next day organizer spent couple of days in Jail.