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He’s back? There are all kinds of ways to present talented wrestlers but not all of them are going to be hits. Occasionally you will see someone go from an idea that works very well to something that just misses and there is little way to predict what is going to happen. That was the case again recently in WWE, but now there is a chance of switching back to what worked before.

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In March 2022, former NXT star Pete Dunne made his full time debut on SmackDown as part of the Brawling Brutes. However, Dunne’s name had been changed to Butch, with his teammates saying that is how they had known him for years. Butch also was now a wild man who would run around the arena and try to fight any opponent he could, unlike his more calm demeanor before the name change. According to WrestleVotes via GiveMeSport, Triple H is planning to return Butch to his former name by the end of the year at the latest. Butch has not wrestled on television since February 3, though he has wrestled dark matches.

No matter the name, there is talent there. Check out what Dunne can do:

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Opinion: This is good to hear, as there was little reason to change something that was working so well for Dunne. The good thing is that Butch is already acting more like his previous self, wrestling a more traditional style and losing the wild stuff. At the same time though, going with the name that he has used for so long would be a welcome change and something that needs to happen.

What do you think of the change? What can Butch do on his own in WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

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