WrestleMania Backlash Live Coverage And Results

Wrestlemania Backlash
Date: May 16, 2021
Location: Yuengling Center, Tampa, Florida
Commentators: Adnan Virk, Byron Saxton, Corey Graves, Pat McAfee, Michael Cole

It’s time for the Wrestlemania fallout pay consistent with view and this time WWE isn’t precisely being refined with the idea that. The Raw aspect is principally consisting of Wrestlemania rematches with some other identify added in, whilst the Smackdown aspect in fact seems like some recent fits. Hopefully that combines in combination for a just right display. Let’s get to it.

Here’s Sheamus to factor the open problem, non-title in fact.

Kickoff Show: Sheamus vs. Ricochet

Ricochet hammers away to begin however will get taken down with a heck of a clothesline. Sheamus takes him into the nook and kilos him down, putting in place the forearms to the chest. The fishhooking (dubbed the Dublin Smile) has Ricochet in much more bother however Ricochet will get in some kicks to the chest.

The springboard clothesline into the status taking pictures megastar into the Lionsault offers Ricochet two. Sheamus knees the heck out of him regardless that however Ricochet hits a Backstabber right into a springboard 450. The 630 misses regardless that and Sheamus blasts him with some other knee for the pin at 7:13.

Result: Sheamus b. Ricochet – Knee to the face (7:13)

Post fit Sheamus places on his hat and coat however Ricochet dropkicks him down and steals either one of them.

The opening video, narrated via Batista, talks about how essential Wrestlemania is whilst speaking about the place the whole lot goes from right here. The major fits get their focal point as same old, whilst being interspersed with clips from Batista’s new Netflix movie Army of Darkness.

We recap the Raw Women’s Title fit, with Rhea Ripley protecting in opposition to Charlotte and Asuka. Ripley took the identify from Asuka at Wrestlemania however then Charlotte returned and used to be put into the identify fit. Now it’s time for a triple risk for the identify.

Raw Women’s Title: Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte vs. Asuka

Ripley is protecting and Charlotte’s equipment is Cruella de Ville/101 Dalmatians impressed. Graves calls Ripley “arguably the one with the most to lose in this match.” Charlotte bails to the ground to begin however will get surrounded and the thrashing starts, together with a double superkick to position her at the ground. Asuka rolls Ripley up for 2 however Charlotte pulls Asuka out of doors and grabs a suplex. Charlotte and Ripley have the showdown, with Charlotte shouting about being a THIRTEEN TIME CHAMPION.

Asuka is again up however Ripley kicks her down, adopted via a dropkick to do the similar to Charlotte. Ripley heads to the apron however Charlotte journeys her all the way down to take over. Back in and Charlotte talks trash to Asuka, who moves away in a rush. Asuka snaps off the armbar however Charlotte will get her ft to the ropes….which don’t depend in a triple risk fit. Ripley makes the save however Charlotte sends her face first into the center buckle. Charlotte has to cut Asuka regardless that, permitting Ripley to return again with some clotheslines.

Asuka is again up with the fast fireplace moves and the rolling German suplexes to Charlotte. The missile dropkick hits Ripley and a sliding knee from the apron rocks her once more. Charlotte kicks Asuka out of doors and there’s the moonsault to take either one of them down. Back in and a double superplex drops Charlotte to position everybody down. They slug it out from their knees however Charlotte flips out of some other double suplex and chop blocks them each.

A double Natural Selection will get a double close to fall however Charlotte misses the moonsault. Asuka Codebreakers Charlotte and counters the Riptide, permitting Charlotte besides Ripley within the face. Charlotte spins out of the Asuka Lock and boots down a charging Asuka. The boot reasons Charlotte to fall to the ground regardless that and Ripley Riptides Asuka to retain at 15:22.

Result: Rhea Ripley b. Asuka and Charlotte – Riptide to Asuka (15:22)

We glance again at Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley brawling on Raw.

Miz isn’t fearful of Damian Priest however doesn’t know why it is a lumberjack fit. Not to fret regardless that as John Morrison is able to care for the lumberjacks and make Priest fall into his thirst lure. Miz: “I don’t think you know what thirst trap means.”

We take a look at Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler attacking Dominik Mysterio at the Kickoff Show.

Dominik can’t move so Rey Mysterio says he’ll do that himself.

Smackdown Tag Team Titles: Dolph Ziggler/Robert Roode vs. Rey Mysterio

Mysterio, in Adam West generation Batman equipment, is difficult on his personal and hits them each within the face to begin. Ziggler is knocked out of doors and a baseball slide sends him into the announcers’ desk. Mysterio slides thru Roode’s legs to splash Ziggler however Roode sends him head first into the apron. Back in and Rey drop toeholds Roode down putting in place a victory roll for 2.

Roode blasts Rey with a clothesline regardless that and Ziggler is available in to tear on the face. It’s already again to Roode, who sends Rey into the nook to remind him there’s no one to tag. Rey avoids a fee and dropkicks Ziggler off the apron however Roode knocks Mysterio into the Tree of Woe. Roode begins operating on Rey’s knee and a wheelbarrow Fameasser mixture will get two. Ziggler heads out of doors so Roode can throw Mysterio right into a superkick for the 9 as Ziggler can’t imagine he beat the depend.

Back in and Rey hits a double DDT, putting in place a toss to ship Ziggler into the publish. Cue the banged up Dominik to get at the apron as Rey sends Roode out of doors, simplest to get Zig Zagged. Roode is again in for 2 off a gutbuster however he is taking too lengthy going up, permitting Rey to hit a great bulldog.

Rey will get over to the nook the place Dominik tags himself in…and is spinebustered via Roode. Dominik is shipped into the publish however comes again with a superkick to Ziggler. The sizzling tag brings in Rey to wash area, together with a 619 to Roode within the nook. Rey brings Dominik again in and sundown bombs Ziggler into the apron, putting in place Dominik’s frog splash for the pin and the titles at 16:59.

Result: Rey Mysterio/Dominik Mysterio b. Robert Roode/Dolph Ziggler – Frog splash to Roode (16:59)

Post fit, the Mysterios are quite happy.

John Morrison is going to the lumberjacks’ comfortably categorized dressing room and unearths….a number of zombies.

Jimmy Uso is going in to look Roman Reigns however unearths Jey Uso. Jimmy thinks the door wishes to mention Roman Reigns and Jey Uso, or higher but, “Jimmy and Jey Uso, Tag Team Champions.” Does Jey even do Reigns’ laundry? Jey is able to combat however this is Roman Reigns to stare Jimmy down. Jimmy needs him just right success this night and leaves.

John Morrison reviews his zombie findings to Miz, who turns out to assume Morrison imagined it. The two depart and the zombies stagger after them.

Commentary (with a zombie on one of the vital displays in the back of them) explains that the zombies are from Batista’s Army of Darkness film.

Damian Priest vs. Miz

John Morrison is right here and there are certainly zombies, who’ve their very own Titantron and theme song. They are in all places, together with beneath the announcers’ desk, sending statement working. Priest hammers away to begin however will get knocked out of doors, the place he beats up the zombies. Back inside of and Miz will get in a large boot as Graves hits his 10th Walking Dead reference in about two mins.

Priest sends him out of doors for a transformation and hits a clothesline at the long ago in. The spinwheel kick units up the highest rope spinwheel kick for 2 extra. Miz is again with the Figure Four till they recover from to the ropes for the damage. Both of them head out of doors to overcome up the zombies in combination earlier than heading again inside of. Morrison will get at the apron for a distraction, permitting Miz to hit the working knee for 2. The zombies pull Morrison in the back of the barricade and it appears devour him, leaving Priest to Hit The Lights on Miz for the pin at 6:54.

Result: Damian Priest b. Miz – Hit The Lights (6:54)

Post fit the zombies swarm Miz as Priest leaves.

Hell in a Cell is approaching June 20.

Jey Uso catches up with Jimmy Uso, who thinks the signal at the door will have to say “Roman Reigns and his b****.”

We recap Bayley vs. Bianca Belair for the Smackdown Women’s Title. Belair received the identify at Wrestlemania and Bayley is able to turn out that it used to be a fluke, as a result of she is the most efficient ever.

Smackdown Women’s Title: Bayley vs. Bianca Belair

Belair is protecting as Miz and Morrison being wolfed via zombies about ten mins in the past is already only a reminiscence. They move technical to begin however Belair takes her down right into a waistlock conveniently, apparently freaking Bayley out. Bayley teases going after the hair so Belair rolls her up for 2, with the kickout sending Belair into the nook. A hiptoss brings Bayley again in from the apron and it’s already time for the breather.

Back in and Bayley knees her down, putting in place a chinlock to attract Belair again to her ft. A abdominal to again suplex will get two on Belair however she catches Bayley on best and hits a not on time suplex. They head out of doors with Bayley losing her ribs first onto the stairs and including a suplex onto the ground for 2. A spinning aspect slam offers Bayley two extra however Belair sends her out of doors for a transformation.

That will get on Bayley’s nerves and she or he comes again in to hammer away. Belair makes the comeback and hits a spinebuster for 2. Bayley runs her all over again with a clotheslines and drops the highest rope elbow for 2 of her personal. With Belair despatched out of doors once more, Bayley misses a fee, permitting McAfee to get in MJF’s “better than you and you know it” line.

Back in and Bayley rolls her up for 2 with ft at the ropes. Bayley even rakes the eyes to stay Belair in bother, permitting her to make use of the hair for a ripcord Bayley to Belly and some other close to fall. With not anything else operating, Bayley lots up the Rose Plant with the hair, however Belair rolls her up and makes use of the hair to hook the leg for the pin to retain at 16:02.

Result: Bianca Belair b. Bayley – Rollup (16:02)

MVP means that Braun Strowman isn’t sensible sufficient to simply accept the industry be offering he used to be given and this night, he’s going to lose because of this.

We recap the Raw World Title fit. Bobby Lashley received the identify in March, beat Drew McIntyre to retain at Wrestlemania, after which each McIntyre and Braun Strowman turned into #1 contender.

Raw World Title: Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Braun Strowman

Lashley, with MVP, is protecting. It’s a brawl initially Strowman getting double teamed as the opposite two head out of doors. McIntyre sends Lashley into the publish till Strowman dives off the apron to drop either one of them. Back in and McIntyre runs Lashley over earlier than hitting a neckbreaker on Strowman. They head out of doors once more with Strowman the use of the stairs to take either one of them down however the non-Strowmans double staff him down too.

Lashley suplexes McIntyre onto the ramp however some other suplex into the ramp is blocked. McIntyre rams Lashley head first into the set time and again earlier than tossing him thru it, which means we get some sparks. That leaves McIntyre by myself to scream and…..get taken down via Strowman. There’s the Strowman Express to position McIntyre down at ringside, putting in place the backsplash for 2 again inside of. A ignored fee sends Strowman into the nook regardless that and McIntyre hits a Michinoku Driver for 2.

Strowman backdrops him to the ground and tries the Express once more however McIntyre abdominal to abdominal suplexes him (with Strowman touchdown on his head). The Claymore is countered right into a powerbomb during the announcers’ desk because the canned chants claim this superior. Back in and the working powerslam is countered, with McIntyre hitting the Claymore. The spear to Strowman keeps the identify at 14:18.

Result: Bobby Lashley b. Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre – Spear to Strowman (14:18)

Hell in a Cell advert.

We recap Cesaro vs Roman Reigns. After dispatching Daniel Bryan, Reigns wanted a brand new challenger so Cesaro stepped up and issued the problem. Cesaro then beat Seth Rollins to earn the shot, his first ever one on one fit on the World Title. Jimmy Uso returning and now not being cool with Reigns treating his brother like a servant is being added in as an advantage issue.

Smackdown World Title: Cesaro vs. Roman Reigns

Reigns is protecting however earlier than the fit, he has Jey keep within the again as a result of he’s too fearful about Jimmy. They get started slowly with Cesaro powering him into the nook. A shoulder doesn’t get somebody anyplace as McAfee’s microphone is breaking apart badly. Cesaro rolls him up for 2 and it’s time for a gathering with Paul Heyman at ringside. Back in and Reigns sends Cesaro face first into the buckle however Cesaro rankings with the springboard spinning uppercut.

The Swing is blocked regardless that and Cesaro turns out to tweak his arm, which Reigns sends into the publish. Reigns grabs a cravate and suplexes him down for bold to take a look at a comeback. The cravate is going on once more and the leaping clothesline offers Reigns two. Reigns lots up the Superman Punch however Cesaro counters it into the pop up uppercut. Some kicks and elbows to the leg arrange the Sharpshooter on Reigns, who will get to the ropes in a rush. Cesaro sends him out of doors for a corkscrew dive, adopted via a top crossbody for 2.

Reigns catches him on best regardless that and grabs the arm once more for a large boot, which means the arm will get pulled once more. The shotgun dropkick sends Cesaro’s shoulder into the publish for 2 again inside of and it’s time to crank at the arm much more. Reigns mocks Cesaro pronouncing wrestling is a laugh and knees away within the nook, adopted via a large boot to drop him once more. Some uppercuts give Cesaro a breather and the discus lariat drops Reigns, simplest to bang up the dangerous arm much more.

They slug it out from their knees with Cesaro knocking him to the apron, putting in place the apron superplex for 2 extra. The arm offers out at the Neutralizer strive regardless that and Reigns pulls him down into the Fujiwara armbar. That’s reversed right into a cradle for 2 however some other springboard uppercut is Superman Punched out of the air for 2.

The pop up uppercut doesn’t paintings once more because the arm offers out, permitting Reigns to seize the guillotine. Cesaro powers out and will get the Sharpshooter (pulling again with the palms as a substitute of wrapping the arm round) earlier than switching right into a Crossface in the midst of the hoop. Reigns powers out of the grip and unloads with forearms to the face, adopted via a Batista Bomb for 2.

Cesaro flips him over however Reigns is correct again with a entrance facelock into the guillotine. That’s reverses with one thing on the subject of a powerbomb and Cesaro slips out, simplest to get pulled into it once more. Cesaro tries to energy out of the grip however the arm can’t do it and Cesaro is after all out at 27:24.

Result: Roman Reigns b. Cesaro – Gullotine (27:24)

Post fit this is Jey Uso to recognize Reigns with the lei, earlier than leaping Cesaro. Cue Seth Rollins….to move after Cesaro as neatly. Rollins stomps him to the ground and hits him with a couple of chair pictures. The chair is wrapped across the dangerous arm and despatched into the publish, adopted via a Stomp at the ground to finish the display.

Rhea Ripley b. Asuka and Charlotte – Riptide to Asuka
Rey Mysterio/Dominik Mysterio b. Dolph Ziggler/Robert Roode – Frog splash to Roode
Damian Priest b. Miz – Hit The Lights
Bianca Belair b. Bayley – Rollup
Bobby Lashley b. Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre – Spear to Strowman
Roman Reigns b. Cesaro – Guillotine

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