WATCH: Lacey Evans Debuts New Character In SmackDown Vignette

Another look. There are all kinds of ways to present a wrestler but a promotion has to find the right combination. Having a wrestler using the wrong character or the wrong story can be a career damaging situation but there are solutions out there. Sometimes a change needs to be made to a character or angle, and that is what WWE is doing again for someone who has undergone multiple changes.

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This week on SmackDown, a new vignette aired for Lacey Evans, showing her training with the United States Marine Corps. Evans is a former member of the Corps and has mentioned her service throughout her WWE career. This comes after Evans underwent multiple repackages this year, including one tied to her military service. Evans has only wrestled seven televised matches this year after missing over a year due to maternity leave.

This could be the one. Check out Evans’ latest vignette:

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Opinion: Evans is someone who has talent, but she really just needs something steady. She has been presented in so many ways with so many different things packed together that it hasn’t quite taken off. Hopefully this is the one that works, as Evans has been changed around so many times that it is getting harder to be interested in her, but maybe her skills can shine through.

What do you think of the new vignette? How will this new character work? Let us know in the comments below.

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