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That’s a lot going on. Wrestlers have a lot of difficulties throughout their careers and many of them can be rather complicated to deal with on a regular basis. In some cases that is even more difficult than others, as you will occasionally find a wrestler who has more issues than their colleagues. One suck wrestler is having that kind of a problem and has a good deal to say about it.

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AEW’s Kyle O’Reilly has not wrestled a match since June 8, 2022 on Dynamite. Since then, O’Reilly has been dealing with an unspecified health issue that has kept him out of action for over seven months. O’Reilly made a post to Instagram over the weekend, talking about how he has to come back better than he left. He also discusses working with a specialist to deal with his Type-1 diabetes and a transmitter to monitor his blood sugar. There is no word on when O’Reilly will be returning to the ring.

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O’Reilly is worth the wait. Check out what he can do when he is in the ring:

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Opinion: It is great to see O’Reilly getting better and being able to deal with some of his health issues. That is some serious stuff that you do not want to mess around with so good for him for trying to make things better. It has been a long time since he has been in the ring and hopefully we don’t have to wait much longer to see him back in, especially once he is healthier.

What do you think of O’Reilly? What should he do when he gets back? Let us know in the comments below.

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