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She might need the break. There are a variety of reasons for a wrestler to be off of television and some of them are a lot less serious than others. While there is always the chance that someone is going to be missing due to an injury, there is also the chance that they are going to be gone due to a storyline. The latter seems to be the situation here, as you won’t be seeing a wrestler for a bit.

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This week’s NXT closed with an edition of Bayley’s Ding Dong Hello talk show, featuring Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne as the guests. After what seemed to be the two burying the hatchet, Jayne turned on Dolin and attacked her, including sending Dolin face first into the closed door on the set. The door did not open, leaving Dolin bruised, followed by a kick to the face to make it worse. According to Wrestling Observer Radio, Dolin is expected to be “alright” but she is going to be held off of television for a few weeks to cell the injury. There is no word on when Dolin will be returning to television.

It was a messy moment. Check out the attack, plus the two in better days:

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Opinion: WWE doesn’t exactly have another option here, as you can’t have Dolin take that kind of a beating and then pop up immediately after. Let her be off of television and then come back for a big grudge match, perhaps at Stand & Deliver in Los Angeles over WrestleMania weekend. This could be a big match and that is always a good thing to see, as that is the much harder part.

What did you think of the attack? How will the ensuing match go? Let us know in the comments below.

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