RUMOR: Triple H Only Interested in Bringing “Non-Controversial” Talent Back to WWE

With Vince McMahon’s retirement and Triple H taking the creative reigns at WWE, there has been a dramatic shift in how many performers have been featured on WWE programming. With many notable talents returning to the company, Triple H has opened the rumor mill to many potential names who could make their return to WWE.

Most recently, it’s been reported by the Wrestling Observer that Jonah, formerly known as Bronson Reed during his tenure with NXT and WWE, has been offered the opportunity to come back to WWE. There are also reports of Chelsea Green returning to the company as well. There’s also some smoke surrounding a return for Matt Cardona.

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While the rumor mill continues to spin on potential names, a new report from Ringside News details that WWE officials and HHH are looking for returning performers to meet some specific pieces of criteria. The word on the street is that “WWE is looking for really talented performers with “little to no controversies that can hurt the company.”

For instance, there was some noise about potentially bringing back Enzo Amore and Big Cass on the rumor mill. However, there’s said to be no interest in bringing them back due to their controversial pasts. Other specifically named former WWE Superstars that were noted in the article included Alberto Del Rio, Velveteen Dream, and Ryback just a couple of the names off the table.

Who were you most happy to see return to WWE after HHH took over WWE creative?

There are more obvious names such as CM Punk who will continue to make big waves in the months to come. From a business point of view, the objective is likely to minimize distractions for the locker room and avoid negative PR. With AEW’s locker room creating all kinds of turmoil over 2022, HHH likely wants to make WWE more appealing on the open market.

The WWE talent roster is also insanely deep and Roman Reigns has the WWE Universal Championship locked down until at least WrestleMania 39. This is also a problem for AEW with a lot of talent coming in only to rarely be featured on TV. There’s a point where you don’t want talented players on the bench.

Do you think WWE has too much talent or not enough?

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