One More? Wrestling Legend Claims AEW Wanted Him To Return

They had another idea. AEW has built up a roster with all kinds of different wrestlers, ranging from modern stars, up and coming wrestlers and veterans. It can mean a lot to have some legendary wrestlers show up after a long absence from the public eye. AEW tried to do just that but there was something standing in their way that caused their plans to be thrown off.

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During the fall of 2021, Chris Jericho was forced to undergo the Five Labors Of Jericho in an effort to get to face Maxwell Jacob Friedman. One of the labors involved Jericho facing former WCW rival Juventud Guerrera. During a virtual signing with Highspots, Guerrera revealed that he was in talks with AEW for another appearance two months after his first. However, Guerrera got hurt and the talks fell through, with no further appearances taking place.

Guerrera did look good in the ring. Check out what he did, plus another version of the match in WCW:

[This post contains video, click to play]

[This post contains video, click to play]

Opinion: I could see AEW wanting to bring Guevara back in as he is a name that a lot of fans will remember while still being completely competent in the ring. If AEW can get something together with him, why not see what they can do? There are far worse names to bring in besides Guerrera, who is still an active wrestler and not someone who hasn’t done this in years. I could go for seeing him again and if AEW has something for him, cool.

What did you think of Guerrera’s appearance? Should AEW bring him back? Let us know in the comments below.

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