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Date: May 11, 2021
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett, Beth Phoenix

It’s every other double identify night time as we have now two titles at the line. As an advantage, one of the most fits, on this case Kushida protecting the Cruiserweight Title in opposition to Santos Escobar, shall be two out of 3 falls. That’s great sufficient, however will or not it’s nicer than Raquel Gonzalez protecting the Women’s Title in opposition to Mercedes Martinez? Well yeah it most certainly will however that’s inappropriate. Let’s get to it.

Opening recap/preview.

Karrion Kross vs. Austin Theory

Non-title and Scarlett/Johnny Gargano are right here. Theory is quite apprehensive to return in however Gargano talks him into it, that means the stalking can get started rapid. A clothesline doesn’t do a lot to Kross however his clothesline takes Theory’s head off. Kross seems pissed off at Theory and tosses him with a Doomsday Saito. Gargano gives a distraction although and Theory rakes the eyes to take issues out of doors.

A DDT at the flooring drops Kross however Theory breaks the rely at 9 for some explanation why. Kross will get posted and Theory hits a rolling clothesline as we listen the Bronson Reed will get a North American Title shot in opposition to Gargano subsequent week. Kross comes proper again with every other Doomsday Saito and Theory is out, at the same time as Kross hammers away in the back of the pinnacle. The Krossjacket choke finishes Theory at 6:03 as Kross stares at Gargano.

Result: Karrion Kross b. Austin Theory – Krossjacket choke (6:03)

Post fit Finn Balor pops up at the back of Karrion Kross to mention he doesn’t wait in lone. The fit is on sooner or later sooner or later.

Earlier nowadays, Leon Ruff requested William Regal for a fit this night however used to be became down on account of the thrashing he took remaining week. Ruff wrecked Regal’s table however Regal were given critical and advised him to get out.

Breezango vs. MSK

Non-title. Lee and Breeze get started issues off with Breeze taking him down and strutting a little. Back up and Lee drops him with a shoulder sooner than flipping over Breeze to sing their own praises as neatly. Their stereo superkicks connect to every different’s toes and we get the wincing standoff. Lee is available in and takes Breeze down, putting in place some dancing. Fandango is available in and runs the ropes to move over either one of them sooner than colliding with Breeze.

Back up and Breeze runs the ropes as neatly, with the referee shedding down after which leapfrogging over him, permitting Carter to hit a dropkick. Back from a destroy with Fandango dragging Lee over to the nook, the place Breeze slingshots him….into Fandango. That’s sufficient for the new tag to Carter and the rush moonsault will get two.

Fandango makes the save and it’s time for the 4 method slugout. Breezango will get the simpler of items however Carter catches Fandango on most sensible. A working knee places Fandango at the flooring and Carter hits a center rope moonsault to take out either one of them. Back in and a working dropkick within the nook units up the spinebuster/Blockbuster mixture to complete Breeze at 10:49.

Result: MSK b. Breezango – Spinebuster/Blockbuster mixture to Breeze (10:49)

Post fit Breezango teases turning on MSK however shake palms in peace.

Johnny Gargano is going into William Regal’s administrative center and needs to understand why he made the fit in opposition to Bronson Reed. Of path Regal doesn’t hate him, as a result of Gargano is the North American Champion and has his personal scarf! Gargano doesn’t appear satisfied and storms off.

Commentary talks about Takeover: In Your House II when Ever-Rise pops up at the back of them.

Here is Pete Dunne, with Oney Lorcan, to discuss Finn Balor getting the following shot at Karrion Kross. Dunne can’t blame him as a result of Kross is aware of how difficult Dunne in reality is. The open problem is on and here’s Leon Ruff to leap Dunne from at the back of.

Pete Dunne vs. Leon Ruff

Oney Lorcan is right here with Dunne. Ruff begins rapid and hammers away however Dunne counters a leap out of the nook. Dunne begins operating at the hand however Ruff snaps off a hurricanrana. One heck of a clothesline cuts Ruff off although and it’s proper again to the hand cranking. A large stomp at the arm makes Ruff scream and it’s time to bend the arm across the rope.

Ruff manages an enziguri out of the nook and a missile dropkick to place Dunne down. Dunne pops again up with a dropkick after which knocks the center rope twisting cutter out of the air. A Figure Four necklock with some elbows to the pinnacle have Ruff knocked foolish and the referee stops it at 3:03.

Result: Pete Dunne b. Leon Ruff by means of referee stoppage (3:03)

Post fit, Dunne breaks the hands for an advantage.

Legado del Fantasma guarantees to get the Cruiserweight Title again this night.

Frankie Monet debuts in two weeks.

Also in two weeks: Kross vs. Balor II for the identify.

Women’s Title: Mercedes Martinez vs. Raquel Gonzalez

Gonzalez, with Dakota Kai, is protecting and will get knocked all the way down to the ground to start out. Martinez scares Kai over the barricade and dives off the apron to take Gonzalez down. We take a destroy and are available again with Gonzalez hitting a heck of a clothesline for 2. The chinlock is going on however Martinez punches her within the face for the destroy. Something like floor and pound has Gonzalez in hassle and it’s off to a sleeper.

Gonzalez rams her into the nook for the destroy however will get forearmed onerous within the face. The putting DDT (or possibly a fisherman’s buster) out of the nook offers Martinez two they usually head to the apron, with Martinez hitting a spear. Back in and Gonzalez flips her throat first onto the highest, which places Martinez at the flooring once more.

This time Gonzalez posts her however Martinez comes again in with some forearms to the face. A clothesline cuts Martinez down for 2 and a backbreaker is just right for a similar. The lifting powerbomb is countered although and Martinez hits a working knee to the face. There’s the fisherman’s buster for 2 on Gonzalez, adopted by means of some knees to the face. Gonzalez is true again with a large boot into the lifting powerbomb to retain at 11:58.

Result: Raquel Gonzalez b. Mercedes Martinez – Lifting powerbomb (11:58)

The Way turns out to have attacked Bronson Reed.

Here is Isaiah Scott, who introduces his new staff, which appears to be referred to as Hit Roh (pronounced Row), that includes AJ Francis, Ashante Adonis and Briana Brandy. The 3 of them put a chair within the ring for Scott, who talks concerning the errors he has made in NXT. He has been considering that he’s a perilous guy, and now it’s time to have some individuals who assume like him.

First up is Francis, now referred to as Top Dollar. He is the highest in the whole lot and raps a little about how nice he’s. Brandy dubs herself B Fab and talks about how she is the thoughts of the group. She put cash on Leon Ruff’s head so Dollar dropped him. Scott dubs the group as NXT’s new drawback.

We move to an public sale for a space, with Cameron Grimes appearing up and bidding 8 million bucks. Ted DiBiase pops up and bids TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS, sending Grimes into hysterics in all places once more.

Zoey Stark was partial to Toni Storm however then she went all nuts. Storm doesn’t like her as a result of Stark lives within the fitness center and works onerous to be right here.

Oney Lorcan vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Pete Dunne is right here with Lorcan. This is fallout from previous when Lorcan stated O’Reilly couldn’t beat any individual, which had O’Reilly considering Lorcan were within the solar too lengthy. Kyle dives for the leg to start out however will get stuck in a entrance facelock. O’Reilly escapes a headscissors so Lorcan takes his head off with a clothesline. The triangle choke over the rope has Lorcan in hassle till O’Reilly has to move after Dunne. Lorcan will get in an affordable shot from at the back of and we take a destroy.

Back with Lorcan hammering away, together with some photographs within the nook. O’Reilly hits a working knee to the knee although and a few extra knees to the chest have Lorcan in hassle. A stomach to again suplex units up a briefly damaged kneebar, so O’Reilly hits the brainbuster. The most sensible rope knee to the again finishes Lorcan at 8:58.

Result: Kyle O’Reilly b. Oney Lorcan – Top rope knee to the again (8:58)

Post fit Pete Dunne is available in for the massive beatdown however Bobby Fish returns for the save. O’Reilly is happy to look him however they comply with move their very own techniques as a result of they’ve their very own issues happening.

We get a superhero film trailer taste vignette for the Way.

Bronson Reed is in poor health of the Way so subsequent week, the identify fit in opposition to Johnny Gargano is within a cage.

Cruiserweight Title: Santos Escobar vs. Kushida

Escobar is difficult and that is 2/Three falls. The brawl begins in a rush and Kushida is distributed out of doors, the place Legado del Fantasma tries to leap him. Cue MSK instantly to take them out although and all 4 are ejected. Kushida hits a large turn dive from the highest to drop Escobar and we take an early destroy.

Back with Escobar operating on a part crab sooner than hanging Kushida on most sensible. A fireman’s elevate drop places Kushida ribs first into the turnbuckle and we hit maximum of a Boston crab at the steps, with Kushida’s throat going into the put up. Back in and the surfboard has Kushida in hassle, adopted by means of a opposite chinlock to paintings at the again much more. Escobar stomps within the nook however a superplex is countered right into a sundown turn for 2. Back up and Escobar grabs the Phantom Driver for the pin and the primary fall at 10:57. Commentary says we’re going to a destroy however grasp on as Kushida grabs a go armbreaker to even issues up at 11:23.

Now we take the destroy and are available again with Escobar snapping Kushida’s arm around the most sensible and hitting his signature suicide dive tot he flooring. Back in and Kushida counters the double underhook gutbuster and takes Escobar down for a breather. Kushida kicks him to the ground and takes Escobar down by means of the arm, simplest to pass over the working kick to the arm again within. Escobar rolls him up for 2 and counters the Hoverboard Lock right into a small bundle for 2 extra.

They move into the pinfall reversal series, with Kushida’s cradle (that he used to win the identify within the first position) getting two. A double clothesline places them each down although and we want a breather. Back up and Escobar takes him to the highest, simplest to get pulled into the Hoverboard Lock. Kushida rolls it into the center of the hoop however Escobar makes the rope anyway. A suplex sends Escobar into the nook and a bridging northern lighting suplex keeps the identify at 22:14.

Result: Kushida b. Santos Escobar 2-1 (22:14)

Karrion Kross b. Austin Theory – Krossjacket choke
MSK b. Breezango – Spinebuster/Blockbuster mixture to Breeze
Pete Dunne b. Leon Ruff by means of referee stoppage
Raquel Gonzalez b. Mercedes Martinez – Lifting powerbomb
Kyle O’Reilly b. Oney Lorcan – Top rope knee to the again
Kushida b. Santos Escobar 2-1

Thomas Hall has been a wrestling fan for over thirty years and has observed over 50,000 wrestling fits. He has additionally been a wrestling reviewer since 2009 with over 5,000 complete presentations coated. You can to find his paintings at, or take a look at his- Amazon author page with 30 wrestling books.

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