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Slight snag. Wrestlers have tried their hands at acting for years now and the connection makes sense. Wrestling is designed around the idea of making fans believe that what they are seeing is real, which has led to wrestlers appearing in the occasional acting project. A prominent WWE wrestler is now trying his hand at it as well, but now things might be slowed down for the time being.

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Bray Wyatt returned to WWE last September following a year plus hiatus from the company. During his time away from WWE, Wyatt had started planning for his first film. Jason Baker, a make-up artist and director, as well as Wyatt’s collaborator, was interviewed by Metro, where he talked about the film. The unnamed film will be a horror movie and is described as “Ichi The Killer Meets Xanadu”. However, the film is now on hold as Wyatt is back in WWE, meaning he does not have the time to work on the project. There is no word on when the film could be continued again.

Wyatt is certainly different. Check out his time since returning to WWE:

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Opinion: This shouldn’t be the biggest surprise as Wyatt is already a big deal in WWE and there is only so much that he can do outside of his wrestling career. There is always the chance that Wyatt will get back to the film at some point, but for now he needs to stay working on the wrestling side. If nothing else, it would help with the funding of the film, which must be rather extensive.

What do you think of Wyatt? Which wrestler would make the best actor? Let us know in the comments below.

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