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Rain check? There are so many stars in WWE these days but only a few are important enough to warrant title reigns. WWE putting a championship on a wrestler is a good sign for their current status, but also their future. It can also be a big deal to have those names on live events, but a reigning champion was absent from a recent live event, resulting in a necessary change.

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According to, reigning United States Champion Austin Theory was pulled from a WWE live event earlier this week. Theory was scheduled to face Seth Rollins in a cage match but Finn Balor took Theory’s place. There is no word on why Theory was not on the show. Theory defeated Rollins in cage matches on live events the three previous nights.

Theory has done rather well as of late. Check out some of his time around the US Title:

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Opinion: That’s an interesting situation but it could be something completely minor. It isn’t like WWE has no history of changing cards at the last second, so maybe they were trying something different in the way of star power. For now though, hopefully Theory is healthy, as you don’t want to see anyone get hurt. Theory is getting back on a roll, and now it is time start moving forward with him.

What do you think of Theory? How long will he be US Champion? Let us know in the comments below.

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