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That should help. Wrestlers work very hard in the ring to entertain the fans and put in quite a bit of physical efforts. There is almost no way to guarantee that a wrestler is going to stay completely healthy in any given match, but almost every wrestler has several built up health issues when their career is over. Thankfully there are ways to fix those situations, and now a WWE legend has done just that.

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WWE Hall Of Famer Charles Wright, better known as the Godfather, has posted to Facebook, revealing that he has recently undergone hip replacement surgery. Wright announced that surgery went well and he is undergoing recovery, with morphine to help deal with his pain. Wright, 61 years old, who was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2016, where he won the Tag Team and Intercontinental Titles.

Wright wrestled in WWE as several different personae. Check out a bit of his work:

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Opinion: That’s great to hear as you never want to see anyone in any kind of pain. Wright was around WWE for a very long time and after his retirement, has come off as one of the engaging speakers you will hear in wrestling. Hopefully this surgery greatly increases his quality of life, as that is some major surgery. After so many years spent in the ring, Wright has earned some better conditions.

What do you think of Wright’s career? Which of his characters was best? Let us know in the comments below.

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