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There soon. There are several ways to present a wrestler and various elements have to be put together properly to make it work. One of the most important is the debut as it offers fans their first look at someone new. That can be done in a variety of ways, including building up anticipation for a wrestler’s debut. WWE has been doing that lately and now we have an idea of when someone might be showing up.

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NCAA Champion and Olympic gold medalist in freestyle wrestling Gable Steveson signed a contract with WWE in September 2021. Steveson has appeared for WWE a few times since then but he has yet to wrestle his debut match. During an interview with, Steveson revealed that he is expecting to make his in-ring debut shortly after WrestleMania 39 on April 1 and 2. Steveson also said that he would like to return to the Olympics in an attempt to win a second gold medal but did not know if WWE would support the attempt.

Steveson is a star in the making. Check out what he has done in WWE so far:

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Opinion: This is one of those things that should make for an interesting debut but it seems like we have been waiting for over a year for Steveson to debut. Steveson is someone who could be a once in a generation talent but we are still waiting to see him start. The good side of that though is he didn’t have a bad debut, meaning there is nothing for him to overcome just yet. Now just make the debut work and we could be off to the races.

What do you think of Steveson? How should WWE debut him? Let us know in the comments below.

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