Grayson Waller Confronts Shawn Michaels On Media Conference Call

Nowhere is safe anymore. Following last night’s NXT: Vengeance Day premium live event, Shawn Michaels did a media conference call to discuss the show. However, he was not alone, as Grayson Waller decided to make his feelings known.

Waller interrupted Michaels during the call and shared his frustrations about not being HBK’s guy. Waller felt that Carmelo Hayes has taken that place, as was shown in the final moments of the show. Matt Bloom ended up entering the room and removed Waller before he took things too far.

You can see the conference call below:

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Grayson Waller just interrupted the #VengeanceDay media call!

VERY angry at Shawn Michaels.


Tune in Tuesday on #WWENXT to find out what the hell is going on!

— Steve Fall – Ten Count (@SteveFall) February 5, 2023

Waller was in the main event of the show, challenging Bron Breakker for the NXT Championship; a match that Waller would end up on the losing end of.

From our own Thomas Hall:

Breakker is defending inside a cage but Waller (who has a woman bring his golden shoe to the ring) dropkicks the door into Breakker’s face on the floor before he can get in. That doesn’t last long as Breakker fights back and takes it inside for the opening bell. Waller grabs a cravate and fires off some knees to the face.

Breakker reverses that into a suplex but gets caught in a tornado DDT for two. A belly to belly puts Waller down again and the Steiner Bulldog, only for Breakker to miss a charge into the cage. Waller heads up top, only to get Frankensteinered back down. A jumping knee knocks Breakker out of the air for two and Breakker gets tied in the ropes. Waller hits a spear but Breakker powers out of the ropes, leaving Waller a bit petrified.

The rams into the cage keep Waller rocked until he low blows his way out of trouble. The fans are split on Waller, who goes all the way to the top of the cage. Rather than climb down, Waller waits for Breakker to get up and catch him on top. A superplex off the top of the cage rocks Waller’s inner Big Boss Man and there’s the spear to cut him in half. That’s not enough for Breakker to cover though as he yells at Waller instead. Waller shoves him in the face… Breakker hits a second spear to retain at 14:22.

Breakker seems to be favoring his arm a bit but poses on top of the cage anyway. Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams come out to stare at Breakker to end the show.

Editor’s Opinion:

It appears that nowhere is safe anymore, and I like it. Whenever the lines of reality are blurred, it makes for wonderful television, and nobody saw this storyline emerging out of a conference call. It will give people a reason to tune in this coming Tuesday, as well as figure out what’s going to happen at Stand and Deliver!

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