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EPW – Extreme Pro Wrestling

EPW – Extreme pro wrestling was Indian profession Wrestling company (2011-2013) situated in Mumbai, India.

EPW Superstars with Sunil Shetty ( Image Src: Indicine)

Company was operated by former pro wrestler Koombang.  Koombang The Storm has performed in TV Show – De Dhana dan 100% on colors tv in 2011.

Koombang has competed in various wrestling matches in South Africa . Sunil shetty who is well known actor in India has teamed up with EPW to make it the first ever Indian produced wrestling show.  EPW had successfully roped RVD (Rob Van Dam) for their  Event which supposed to happen in Andheri Sports Complex, Mumbai.

Downfall of EPW

Due to lack of sponsors and Audience interest in their product they couldn’t do the event even after rescheduling it for 5 Times.  Thus the event Cancelled.