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Indie Wrestlers Mock Randy Orton

Independent wrestlers Shane Strickland, Sammy Guevara, and Mr. 450 decided to do a spoof of Randy Orton at Saturday’s Wrestle Circus event. When they went to the top rope to do dives, they called it off. They then all proceeded to hit RKO’s simultaneously on their opponents followed by doing Orton’s signature pose.

Jim Ross Doesn’t Expect The Rock to Return to the Ring

While speaking to The AV Club, Jim Ross was asked about dream matches that still have a feasible chance on happening. Ross started naming off Superstars and when he mentioned The Rock, he had the following remarks to say:

“I think Rock is probably gonna be out of the equation…f he runs for President, he may come back for one more match to reconnect with that audience.”

David Otunga’s Return Date Revealed

PWInsider reports that David Otunga will be making his return during the Extreme Rules Kickoff panel on Sunday, June 4th, alongside Renee Young and Peter Rosenberg.

For those who forgot, Otunga has been kept off weekly WWE programming for the last six weeks because he’s out filming a movie.

Footage of Dana Warrior Honoring Teacher at NXT TV Tapings

As noted in our spoiler results, Dana Warrior appeared at Thursday’s NXT TV tapings in Winter Park, Florida at Full Sail University to present a WWE Hero award to Orlando teacher Ruby Jibaja for her charity work. Here is footage from her appearance:

Brie Bella on Possible WWE Comeback

Brie Bella posted a video on our YouTube channel talking about her plans to make a WWE comeback. She mentions that her C-section delivery has pushed her timetable back a bit, but that we should see her “Soon, maybe not ‘very’ soon, but definitely soon.”

Baron Corbin Rips Independent Wrestler

Baron Corbin got into it today on Twitter with CZW wrestler Geoffrey Bravo. It all went down with Bravo ripped Corbin for his appearance. Here is the exchange:

Gunner Teases Signing with WWE

Former Impact wrestler mentioned on Twitter that he almost “hung it up” but teased that it’s now “time to TakeOver.” This has led to online speculation that he may have signed with WWE.

It’s worth noting that at last word, Gunner was on WWE’s radar. The belief was that if he passed a WWE physical, the company would probably sign him to deal. We will keep you updated on his status.

Trademark Office Rejects Matt Hardy Application for “BROKEN” Gimmick

PWInsider reports that Matt Hardy’s trademark application for the “BROKEN Matt Hardy” has been refused by the U.S. Patent & Trademark office. Matt has six months to respond to the application before it’s abandoned. The refusal reads:

“Registration is refused because the applied-for mark, as used on the specimen of record, identifies only the name of a particular character/personal name; it does not function as a service mark to identify and distinguish applicant’s services from those of others and to indicate the source of applicant’s services.”

Former WWE Superstar Rips Randy Orton Over Negative Indie Remarks

Former WWE Superstar Rene Dupree wrote the following on his Facebook page in regards to Randy Orton’s negative remarks about indie wrestling:

Randy EVERYTHING was handed to You, from your nicknames To your Finishing Move People Can say the same about me but…. When you were hired You were a Fat slob, I just won The Canadian Bodybuilding Nationals and Qualified for the Worlds You had ZERO matches I had 500+ You Wouldn’t Last 1 Japanese Tour I’m on 49 tours and You counting If HHH wasn’t Such a mark For Your Daddy, You would’ve been FIRED YEARS Ago And You’re NOWHERE near the worker your Father was You’re Bashing indie Guys, Do what I did Grow a set of Balls Go Out And Prove You’re Special Cause I’m Sorry Bud , but The chin lock you use Is BORING as A Shit! BURNING BRIDGES??? I don’t give a **** #TRUTH”

Dupree also posted the following:

“Another thing that i forgot to mention….

What Randall Doesn’t realize (BECAUSE HE NEVER WORKED OUTSIDE OF THE STAMFORD Company) Is That most independent wrestlers Rely on Selling their Own Merchandise to make $$$ He Wouldn’t know Would He??? So Putting on Exciting High Risk matches Is What They Need to do I have an Valid Opinon on this Because Ive Done Both Am I Right or Wrong???”

Sean “X-Pac” Waltman Reacts to Drug Charges Being Dropped

Sean “X-Pac” Waltman had the following remarks to say to TMZ Sports about his drug charges against him being dropped:

“It feels amazing, because even when I was sitting in jail the whole time, I got this smile on my face, and for once I’m going, ‘Wow, for once, I didn’t do it.’ I’m LA County Jail for something I actually didn’t do, back in the day – years ago – I ended up in LA County, a lot. All for drugs.”