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Professional Wrestling Companies

Professional wrestling companies is also called wrestling promotion or federation. It is a company or business that advertise, manage and runs a wrestling event. It provides ranking and is responsible for deciding the division of the wrestlers. These companies acts as a sports governing body and event promotion body. Most of the companies are self- organized with one or more championships. Major companies adopt a permanent table of talent which are given under contract to them. These companies acts as independent theatre troupe which plan international tours to conduct wrestling. An event promoter is a company that promotes sport events, music and wrestling. They conduct professional wrestling live events. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) and Ring of Honor (ROH) are the well-known wrestling company in United States.

Wrestling Company in India

India has 2nd largest viewership of pro wrestling in the World. Some international wrestling companies tried to capture Indian market such as Total Nonstop Action Wrestling,  World Wrestling Professionals  but has failed.  Most of India pro wrestling companies couldn’t crack on the wrestling business because they failed proper observation, financial planning and event management. Some wrestling companies even try to dupe the audience and fans and ended up behind the bars or sitting back to their homes.. But still the Hope of Wrestling in India Continues.

WWE India

Wrestle Square 

Great Khali CWE

IPW (Non-Functional)

MFW (Non-Functional)

WWP : India (Non-Functional)

TV Shows.

WWP: De Dhana Dhan 100% (2010)

TNA : Ringa ka King (2012)

WIN: Dangal Ke Soorma (2019)

Live Shows:

IPW – International Pro Wrestling  (Mumbai, India).

Yodhaon ka Maha Sangram (Tau devi lal stadium, Haryana) (Cancelled).

Ring Ka King