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About this website : This website is ultimate resource for profession wrestling in India,  Sections : Wrestlers Profile, Wrestling Training Schools, Wrestling Promotion Companies, History of Pro Wrestling in India.

India is 2nd largest country of pro wrestling fans, Unfortunately  India is just a fan of pro wrestling. Our idea to start this website is to bring together all the passionate wrestling sport lovers and talented people.

People of India has good taste in Entertainment, No doubts Hollywood and Bollywood  movies are very popular India. Cricket is the most watched sports, Pro wrestling is 2nd most watched sports program on TV beating football, nfl, tennis, racing and other games.  We have great legends in our country like Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Sachin Tendulkar, Kapil Dev . but what legends we have in Wrestling??  The Great? I think none??

For passionate wrestling fans : 

Some of the greatest wrestlers were just fans before they became wrestling legends.  So never Stop Believing!

Join the forums,  Discuss , Learn about how to develop your body, Learn the

English: Edge as the WWE Champion
English: Edge as the WWE Champion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

arts of Wrestling .

Those who doesn’t have idea on pro wrestling read below.

  • Brief Information on Pro Wrestling Sports.
    Professional wrestling is commonly called Pro wrestling. It is an internationally popular sports that is like performing wrestling in a theatrical experience. The wrestling matches included with modern concepts like striking attacks, holds and throws. Players are intended to follow the rules and techniques to avoid actual injury..
  • Determining the Winner
    The structure of a match is described by the ring which have two or more corners. Either there may be one wrestler in one corner or a team of two or more. Only one wrestler or team can win the match. Scoring points in wrestling match is the fall that are done in following ways. They are pinning the shoulder to mat for three seconds, Forcing to submit, disqualifying, countout and knock out. Some matches depends on number of falls. The team or wrestler who gets higher number of pinfalls, submission or countout is considered as a winner. Modern matches is set for only one fall within a 20 minute time limit. Only title matches lasts upt 60 minutes. Another way of wrestling match is setting a time limit and falls are tallied. The participant who has most falls at the end are considered as winner.
  • Types of Wrestling Matches
    Matches are added speciality in it by introducing special concepts. Example of popular type of match is ladder match. The wrestlers or team of wrestlers have to climb up the ladder to reach the prize. The winning point of this match is to make the opponent wrestler or team to incapacitate to climb the ladder. Here the ladder can be used as a weapon. Another special match is battle royal. There were 20 to 30 wrestlers in a ring at same time. The objective of the match is to throw the wrestlers out of the ring. The last wrestler who remains in the stage is declared as the winner. A slightly modified match from royal battle is Royal rumble where the match begin with two wrestlers initially and other wrestlers enter the ring in 90 seconds interval. Every match is comprised of referee to keep up the rules. He also declares the winner.
  • Wrestling Ring The most basic rule of the wrestling match is to make referee to view the fall for declaring it. The wrestling matches are held in elevated square ring with poles at the corners. The edges of the ring are covered with a cloth apron. Three cables or ropes bound the ring and are connected to poles with turnbuckles. The floor of the ring are covered by mats. The mat and ropes acts as safety guard to the wrestlers. Guardrails are used to separate rings from the audience area in order to safeguard the audience from getting injury. And thus adding excitement to the wrestling match.