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Hold on a second. WWE is a huge wrestling company and does what it can to take care of its wrestlers. This includes a full medical staff to take care of various issues, but there are other instances where additional help is needed. Occasionally WWE will send wrestlers to get help outside of the company and that seemed to be the case with one of its stars. That just might not be what happened though.

IN CASE YOU MIsSED IT: Clean Bill: NXT Star Announces He Is Medically Cleared After Two Month Absence

Earlier this month, a report surfaced saying that Matt Riddle had been sent to rehab following a second failed drug test. The Wrestling Observer reports that this is not the case though, as Riddle’s situation violates the WWE Wellness Policy. Riddle’s first positive test resulted would have likely resulted in a thirty day suspension (as per WWE’s policy), but he did not wrestle from July 25 until August 20, which is less than thirty days.

A second failed drug test usually results in a sixty day suspension and mandatory rehab, but Riddle’s storyline injury was said to put him out of action for six weeks, or less than sixty days. There is a possibility that WWE has changed the policy without making the changes public, though they have yet to comment on Riddle’s rumored violations or possible suspensions, which also follows their policy.

This is quite confusing. Check out some of Riddle’s time in WWE while you figure it out:

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Opinion: This makes things all the odder, but Riddle is missing time from WWE for one reason or another. It would be nice to hear that Riddle doesn’t have some sort of a drug issue that needs attention, but there is something wrong that is keeping him away from WWE TV. Maybe that is due to some kind of personal issue or something else. Either way, Riddle coming back healthy and ready to go will be a great upgrade for WWE.

What do you think of Riddle? What should he do when he gets back? Let us know in the comments below.

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