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And there it goes! Titles are some of the most important things in a wrestling promotion as holding a championship makes it clear that a wrestler is one of the biggest stars in a company. Having a bright, shiny title is about as clear of an indication as a fan can get that they should notice a wrestler. As a result, it means a lot when a title changes hands and that was the case this week.

Over the weekend, Roxanne Perez won the NXT Iron Woman Challenge at Deadline to become the new #1 contender for the NXT Women’s Title. This week on NXT, Perez was attacked by NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose, prompting Perez to say she wanted her title shot later in the night. Rose accepted, and went on to lose the title to Perez, ending her title reign at 413 days, the third longest in history.

She’s the new champ. Check out some of Perez’s work in NXT:

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Opinion: This was quite the out of nowhere title change but it was a good way to keep things interesting. Rose had gotten almost all she could out of the title with over a year as champion. At some point you need some fresh blood in there and Perez certainly fits the bill. Let things move on a bit and see where Perez can go as champion. Rose can head back up to the main roster, as she is a mile ahead of where she was when she left.

What do you think of Rose’s title reign? How will Perez do as champion? Let us know in the comments below.

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