Blast From The Past: Cody Rhodes Hints At Bringing Back Winged Eagle WWE Title

He would have some sway. Titles are the most important part of most wrestling promotions and it can mean a lot for a wrestler to win them. Several wrestlers have been boosted up above the rest of the roster by becoming a champion and getting to hold a shiny title belt. A title has to have the right design and it can make a big difference when the design is changed. Now a WWE star is teasing bringing back a classic title.

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Earlier this week, Cody Rhodes won the Men’s Royal Rumble match, earning a title shot against Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39. Rhodes appeared on this week’s edition of the Bump and spoke about his admiration for the classic “Winged Eagle” WWE Title belt. The design was used from 1988 until 1998 with Steve Austin being the last to hold it. When Rhodes win the Intercontinental Title in 2011, he brought back the classic title design. Here are some of Rhodes’ comments, with transcription courtesy of Fightful:

On The Winged Eagle Title

“Through my youth, the WWE that I was watching was really synonymous with the Winged Eagle. I think there’s a lot of people who love the Winged Eagle design. Some people like the ‘Big Eagle’ [the design used from 1998-2002], whatever, but the Winged Eagle was the one for me. Today’s design with the giant W is also incredibly special. It’s this walking billboard for the promotion.”

On The Title Possibly Returning

“The reality is I was able to change the Intercontinental Championship once before, which seemed absurd. If I’m able to get to the finish line, biggest WrestleMania of all time. SoFi [Stadium] in Hollywood, if I’m able to get to the finish line, and get my hands on these things that like I said, have eluded my family up until now. It just would be kind of a fun — maybe it’s just a pipe dream. Maybe it’s just a thought, a glimmer, but it would be fun to just say, let’s just boil them [the two separate titles] down and bring back the Winged Eagle.”

And On The Importance Of Title Designs

“All the titles, it’s the equity within them that makes them special. From a design standpoint, I just have a lot of love and reverence for that one, and it’s just a little pipe dream. I had the same pipe dream with the Intercontinental Title and I was lucky enough to make that come to fruition. So, follow along because this is where the fun begins.”

The title had its moments. Check out some of its history:

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Opinion: While it’s almost hard to imagine the title coming back, it is a nice idea for old school fans. The Winged Eagle Title is one of the belt designs that a lot of fans grew up with and it feels a bit more iconic than the current looks. It would be great to see it come back, even for a cameo, but for now it is just one of those things that could be a lot of fun if WWE tried something close.

What do you think of the idea? What is your favorite belt design? Let us know in the comments below.

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