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When two become one. According to a report from CNBC, Shad and Tony Khan, owners of AEW, are interested in merging with WWE. The report states that AEW could partner with a strategic media company to share the intellectual property while merging the two companies.

However, the idea that Vince McMahon would merge his company with AEW is a long shot. AEW hasn’t had talks with McMahon or Nick Khan, the new CEO for WWE.

The Khans are open to discussing a potential role for McMahon, after a sale but haven’t yet had those talks. It’s unclear what type of job McMahon would want with WWE after a sale, primarily because WWE is a much larger and more established organization than AEW.

WWE is reportedly planning to sell the company sometime in 2023.

Editor’s Opinion:

Wow, this is not the headline that I expected to read today. I’m not exactly sure how a merger would work, particularly with Tony Khan and Vince McMahon as the two people that would work out the details. They are both very invested in their product and navigating all of the challenges that a merger would bring is an interesting concept. But as they say in wrestling, never say never!

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