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Double Or Nothing 2021
Date: May 30, 2021
Location: Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, Florida
Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Jim Ross, Excalibur

We go back to pay according to view and that may be a great feeling to have. The card is basically stacked and one of the vital largest that AEW has had in fresh and even long run reminiscence. Possibly crucial tale here’s the truth that the fanatics are again in complete capability, which means it’s going to be much more energized than standard. Let’s get to it.

Buy-In Show: NWA Women’s Title: Riho vs. Serena Deeb

Deeb is protecting and cranks on a headlock to start out. That doesn’t closing lengthy as Riho bridges up and provides a handshake. Deeb slaps her within the face as a substitute so Riho knocks her into the nook, putting in a prime crossbody. Back up and the Serenity Lock is blocked so Deeb dragon screw legwhips her into the nook. The leg cranking starts sooner than Deeb is shipped out to the apron.

Riho fees right into a choke, putting in an inverted Gory Special for a sexy cool visible. With that damaged up, Riho knocks her off the highest to arrange a most sensible rope double stomp. The leg is just too banged as much as duvet so Riho grabs a headscissors right into a 619 for 2. Riho drapes her over the center rope however the most sensible rope stomp handiest hits apron.

Deeb is true again with a powerbomb for 2 however the Deebtox is countered with a backdrop. Riho snaps off a dragon suplex and hits any other double stomp for 2. A part crab has Riho in additional hassle however she makes the rope. That’s sufficient for Deeb, who snaps off any other dragon screw legwhip and grabs the Serenity Lock for the faucet to retain at 14:03.

Result: Serena Deeb b. Riho – Serenity Lock (14:03)

Jim Ross will get his giant advent.

Hangman Page vs. Brian Cage

Taz is on observation and Cage has I imagine Terminator impressed tools. Page fees proper at him to start out hammering away however will get shoved off with uncooked energy. What gave the look of a powerbomb is damaged up and Page slugs away once more, with Cage bailing to the ground. This time Page is true there with a large dive however Cage powerbombs him into the submit.

Back in and a leaping knee rocks Page once more and there’s a troublesome whip into the nook. A crucifix bomb will get two on Page however he geese a clothesline. Page Cactus Clotheslines him out to the ground and pops again up for a center rope moonsault to hit Cage once more. Back in and Page snaps off a most sensible rope hurricanrana for 2 however a superbomb is blocked.

A discus forearm will get two on Cage however Deadeye is countered as smartly. Cage places him in a fireman’s elevate and flips him right into a scorching shot (with one arm), putting in a superplex onto the apron. Back in and Cage tries his personal Buckshot Lariat however slips slightly, permitting Page to hit an F5. The actual Buckshot is countered right into a German suplex and a discus lariat blasts Page once more. A helicopter bomb provides Cage two and here’s Team Taz. Hook distracts the referee so Ricky Starks can slide within the FTW Title. Cage tosses it proper again and the Buckshot Lariat finishes Cage at 12:07.

Result: Hangman Page b. Brian Cage – Buckshot Lariat (12:07)

Post fit an pissed off Cage walks clear of Team Taz.

We run down the remainder of the cardboard.

We recap the Young Bucks vs. Jon Moxley/Eddie Kingston. The Bucks have sided with Kenny Omega so Kingston and Moxley have come after them. This contains breaking a number of the Bucks’ stuff and stealing their footwear so it’s time for a name fit.

Tag Team Titles: Young Bucks vs. Jon Moxley/Eddie Kingston

Kingston/Moxley are difficult and we get the total Major League Wild Thing intro in the course of the crowd. Don Callis is right here with the champs and joins observation as is his customized. It’s a brawl to start out they usually struggle into the group with the Bucks being despatched into a lot of onerous items. Cue Brandon Cutler with the chilly spray to Nick, incomes himself a clothesline/German suplex mixture.

Nick comes again in to leap Kingston and the hole bell rings. Kingston backdrops Nick and a double clothesline places him down once more. Moxley is available in so Matt yells, permitting Moxley to do the faux tag to any other giant response. Kingston STO’s Nick for 2 however a Matt distraction lets in a poke to the attention. Matt dropkicks Moxley in the course of the ropes and it’s a Cannonball/enziguri mixture to Kingston. A double again elbow we could Nick do the Macho Man finger level however Kingston catches him in a scorching shot.

Matt sends Moxley into the barricade and a few operating clotheslines have Kingston knocked into the nook. Ten proper arms move down however Kingston is again with an exploder suplex. That’s sufficient for the new tag off to Moxley and home is wiped clean, together with a piledriver for 2 on Nick. Nick has to get a divorce a bulldog choke as the entirety breaks down once more. Cue the Good Brothers however Kingston takes down Doc Gallows and Frankie Kazarian jumps Karl Anderson.

Matt makes use of the distraction to take down Moxley with a can of chilly spray to the top for 2. Moxley is busted open and an Indytaker at the ramp knocks him foolish once more. Back in and Moxley will get kicked down as JR desires to understand the place the physician is to take a look at the lower. The Bucks move Ax and Smash to demolish Moxley, who counters an strive at a Shield powerbomb. Moxley hammers away and the new tag brings in Kingston to wash space. Nick’s proper arms to Kingston simply make him glare again and knock him down with out a lot hassle.

A shot to the knee works slightly higher on Kingston and an assisted Sliced Bread will get two. Kingston fights over and makes the new tag to Moxley, who’s in an instant superkicked down. A 450 will get two however Kingston is again in with one of the vital Bucks’ dear footwear. The referee yells at Matt and it’s a Doomsday Device to Nick. The Paradigm Shift to Matt is countered right into a Sharpshooter however that’s damaged up as smartly.

Now the Paradigm Shift can connect to Nick making any other diving save. Another double superkick to Moxley sends him into the ropes however he comes again with the double clothesline. The double superkick connects for 2 and a couple of superkicks (one to the knee and one to the face) drops Kingston. Back to again to again to again BTE Triggers drop Moxley to retain the titles at 21:09.

Result: Young Bucks b. Jon Moxley/Eddie Kingston – BTE Trigger to Moxley (21:09)

Commentary is going over some substitutes within the Casino Battle Royal (QT Marshall/Blade out, Aaron Solow/Serpentico in) because of accidents.

Paul Wight comes out for observation.

Casino Battle Royal

There are 21 entrants with 4 teams of 5 (designated by means of fits). One staff enters each 3 mins after which the Joker completes the sector, with the winner getting a long run World Title fit. First up are the Clubs, with Christian Cage, Matt Sydal, Powerhouse Hobbs, Dustin Rhodes and Max Caster (who raps about one of the crucial Clubs, together with pronouncing Cage hasn’t been cool since he had an edge).

The eliminations are teased first of all Caster saving himself. Sydal is tossed and Caster follows him out till the Diamonds are available in. That can be Isaiah Kassidy, Matt Hardy, 10, Nick Commorado and Serpentico, with Kassidy and Hardy failing to leap 10 all through his front. 10 is available in and begins wrecking other folks, together with tossing Serpentico. Commorado runs 10 over however can handiest get him to the apron, permitting Dustin to toss either one of them directly.

Hold on even though as Commorado hits Dustin with the cowbell so Hobbs can get the removing. Christian hits the Killswitch on Hobbs and we get the Christian vs. Hardy showdown. Here are the Hearts (Brian Pillman Jr., Griff Garrison, Colt Cabana, Anthony Bowens and Penta El Zero Miedo) are in with the Varsity Blondes getting to head nuts for slightly to a pleasant response.

Penta will get to wash space and Kassidy eliminates Cabana. The Blondes toss Bowens and Hardy punches Garrison out as smartly. Commentary tries to determine if Hobbs continues to be in (he appears to be) because it’s roughly onerous to stay observe of the place everyone seems to be for the reason that a few of them are at the flooring. Pillman will get a quite robust reaction till the Spades (Jungle Boy, Marq Quen, Aaron Solow, Evil Uno and Lee Johnson) with Boy getting the large musical front….and Penta takes him down in a rush.

Private Party eliminates Pillman and Johnson gets rid of Solow, handiest to get taken out by means of Hardy. Penta kicks Uno out however will get taken out by means of Boy as Hobbs and Christian get again in. Hobbs misses a price at Christian within the nook and will get tossed for a large removing. Matt and Private Party stare down Boy and Christian and get started the beatdown till…..Lio Rush is the Joker. That provides us a last grouping of Lio Rush, Matt Hardy, Isaiah Kassidy, Marq Quen, Christian Cage and Jungle Boy.

Rush will get to wash space however the springboard Stunner doesn’t reasonably paintings on Hardy. Everyone however Rush is knocked down so he is going after Private Party, who struggle off an removing with the Silly String. Rush tries to damage that up however will get eradicated by means of Hardy within the procedure. Boy and Christian get again as much as do away with Quen and Kassidy, leaving us with the 2 of them and Hardy.

Matt tries to workforce up with Christian and will get eradicated as smartly, which means we’re down to 2. Boy manages to get beneath Christian however can’t reasonably get him out. Instead Boy is shipped to the apron however pulls Christian out with him. A pendulum kick rocks Christian however he shoves Boy into the submit….which Boy swings round and will get again in to kick Christian out for the win at 22:32.

Result: Jungle Boy received the Casino Battle Royal closing getting rid of Christian Cage (22:32)

Post fit the remainder of Jurassic Express comes out to have fun with Boy and Christian presentations recognize.

Some squaddies who educate canine for former squaddies are right here.

We get a quite excessive video at the wonders of America, together with quotes from generals and Presidents about how nice of a rustic it’s.

Anthony Ogogo vs. Cody Rhodes

QT Marshall and Arn Anderson are right here too. Cody has new tools and arms his American weightlifting belt to a fan. Ogogo doesn’t waste time in hitting the frame shot and grabs an Olympic Slam for 2. Cody is true again with the powerslam however the ribs give out at the touchdown. Some knees to Ogogo’s additionally injured ribs and Cody places on Cattle Mutilation.

That’s damaged up and Ogogo snaps off a German suplex for 2. A operating uppercut will get the similar and Marshall provides an inexpensive shot for any other close to fall. Ogogo misses a operating elbow however is okay sufficient to nail a spinebuster. Cody will get in a kick to the face even though and Ogogo’s eye is busted open.

The Cody Cutter connects however Ogogo punches him off the highest for the crash. Ogogo hits a frog splash for a behind schedule two however Cody is true again with a dropkick. The Figure Four is going on so Ogogo punches him within the face for 2 (whilst nonetheless within the cling). Cross Rhodes is damaged up and a couple of proper arms knock Cody down, even though his hand is underneath the rope. The pop up proper hand is countered even though and Cody hits a Vertebreaker for the pin at 10:32.

Result: Cody Rhodes b. Anthony Ogogo – Vertebreaker (10:32)

TNT Title: Miro vs. Lance Archer

Archer is difficult and there is not any Jake Roberts due to Miro taking him out previous this weekend. Rather than ready round, Archer dives onto Miro at the ramp and the thrashing is on in a rush. Old School will get two on Miro they usually head out of doors with Archer spinebustering him via a desk. Miro is again up and suplexes him over the barricade onto some fanatics.

Another toss sends Archer again to ringside they usually head again inside of. A crossbody runs Miro over however he nails a spinwheel kick. Miro kicks him within the chest however Archer is again as much as plant him down for 2. Archer misses the moonsault even though and Miro kicks him within the head for any other close to fall.

Cue Jake Roberts with the snake bag however Miro kicks him down as smartly…..and throws the snake bag out to the ground. Archer cuts off a superkick to Jake with a chokeslam for 2 however Everybody Dies is damaged up. Miro will get Pounced to the ground, handiest to get in a kick to the ropes for the low blow at the long ago in. The leaping superkick units up Game Over to retain the name at 10:46.

Result: Miro b. Lance Archer – Game Over (10:46)

All Out is in Chicago on September 5.

Women’s Title: Britt Baker vs. Hikaru Shida

Baker, with Rebel, is difficult. An overly early Lockjaw strive doesn’t paintings however neither does Shida’s knee to the face. They move to the mat with Shida grabbing a bodyscissors however Baker is again up with a hammerlock. Shida sends her into the nook to take it out of doors, putting in a prime crossbody to take out Baker and Rebel. Back in and the operating knee is countered with a kick to the face an Shida is in hassle for a transformation.

Lockjaw is blocked once more so Baker grabs a suplex for 2. Shida is true again with a number of moves, together with 3 directly operating knees within the nook. A suplex of her personal provides Shida two and an enziguri rocks Baker once more. Baker is true again with a fisherman’s neckbreaker for 2 however Shida grabs a Stretch Muffler to ship her to the ropes. Back up and Baker hits a Sling Blade into an Air Raid Crash for 2.

Lockjaw is loaded up once more however Baker kicks herself off the rope, permitting Shida to flee. A German suplex drops Baker and Shida takes her up most sensible for a fireman’s elevate however Baker slips off in a peculiar having a look touchdown. Instead, Shida hits a superplex for 2 and the Stretch Muffler is going on once more.

Rebel jumps as much as the apron for a distraction however unintentionally hits Baker to offer Shida two. The Falcon Arrow provides Shida two so Rebel will get at the apron once more, this time permitting Baker to hit a superkick. A Stomp onto the belt will get an overly shut two however Shida is again with the leaping knee. The operating knee will get two however Baker crucifixes her into Lockjaw for the faucet and the name at 16:22.

Result: Britt Baker b. Hikaru Shida – Lockjaw (16:22)

Tony Schiavone leaves observation to hug Baker.

Sting/Darby Allin vs. Ethan Page/Scorpio Sky

Sting and Allin get a different front video that includes them riding in the course of the desolate tract. Sting: “It’s showtime.” It’s a brawl to start out sooner than the fit with Sky and Sting combating as much as the degree. Sky vegetation Sting down however Sting pops again as much as ship Sky right down to ringside. That method Sting can hit the large dive onto each villains they usually head inside of for the bell.

Allin begins in on Sky’s arm however Page breaks up a springboard to place Allin in hassle for the primary time. Sky hits a backbreaker so Allin cranks at the wrist, handiest to get knocked proper back off. Allin manages to turn out of a stomach to again suplex and makes the new tag to Sting…however the referee doesn’t see it. With Allin nonetheless banged up, Page LAUNCHES him from the hoop over the barricade and onto Allin’s circle of relatives within the giant crash. Somehow Allin dives in to overcome the depend at 9 and a choke has Page in hassle. Page drives him into the nook for the ruin so Allin is true again with the flipping Stunner.

Now the new tag brings Sting again in and it’s again to again Stinger Splashes. Something like a Code Red out of the nook will get two on Page so it’s again to Allin, who will get crotched on most sensible. Page slams Allin down onto Sting however Sting sweeps the legs and places at the Scorpion. That doesn’t depend as a result of Sting isn’t prison so Allin provides the Fujiwara armbar. Sky grabs a heel hook on Allin, so he and Page slap it out whilst each are in holds.

With that damaged up, the double tag brings in Sting and Sky, with JR stating the identical motifs. Sting will get fired up however misses the Stinger Splash (with Sky having already made it to the apron sooner than he even jumped). Not that it issues as Sting counters the slingshot cutter into the Death Drop finishes Sky at 14:05.

Result: Sting/Darby Allin b. Scorpio Sky/Ethan Page – Scorpion Death Drop (14:05)

We recap the World Title fit with Kenny Omega protecting the World Title in opposition to Pac and Orange Cassidy. After Excalibur explains the profitable a couple of World Titles in wrestling is like profitable Olympic medals in a couple of sports activities, we take a look at Pac and Cassidy going to a draw to turn out to be co-#1 contenders. Omega has attempted to get Cassidy out of the fit however the triple risk is on.

AEW World Title: Kenny Omega vs. Pac vs. Orange Cassidy

Omega is protecting and Don Callis is on observation once more. Pac begins speedy and Cassidy is knocked out of doors. A kick to the top staggers Omega however they collide for a double knockdown. Cassidy comes again in for a couple of lazy close to falls and a double hurricanrana sends Pac out of doors. There’s the suicide dive to knock Pac into the barricade, putting in the springboard DDT for 2 on Omega.

The Orange Punch is damaged up however Pac is again as much as take Omega down. Pac shotgun dropkicks Cassidy into the nook and there’s any other one to Omega. With Pac flipping again up, Omega catches him with the Regal Roll and knocks Cassidy off the nook as smartly. Omega sends Pac out of doors and hits a backbreaker for 2 on Cassidy. Pac begins combating again however will get pulled to the ground, leaving Omega to baseball slide either one of them.

A operating turn dive places Pac and Cassidy down once more however Cassidy is again with the Stundog Millionaire. Cassidy and Omega move to a pinfall reversal series till Pac is available in with a 450 to damage issues up. Back to again snapdragons put the challengers down and it’s time for the V Triggers. Pac blocks any other snapdragon so Omega hits a troublesome clothesline to chop him off once more. Cassidy has to struggle his means out of a great snapdragon and places his arms in his wallet to save lots of himself.

Pac is up for a German superplex to Omega however falls out to the ground. Omega hits a Tiger Driver 98 for 2 on Cassidy, adopted by means of a German suplex for 2 on Pac. Some knees to the face rock Cassidy, who places his arms in his wallet….after which falls down. Back up and Cassidy hits a Michinoku Driver on Omega however walks right into a brainbuster to offer Pac two. Omega catches Pac on most sensible however will get countered right into a sundown bomb. Pac’s superplex drops Omega once more with Cassidy operating in for the close to fall.

Cassidy begins the gradual movement kicks on Pac, who kicks him low. There’s the large dive onto Omega and the Black Arrow connects on Pac, with Omega having to dive in for a save. Another Black Arrow misses Omega however the One Winged Angle is countered into the Brutalizer. The Orange Punch hits Pac for the save and the Beach Break will get two on Omega.

Cassidy hits an Orange Punch each and every (Callis: “S***!”) and there’s a 2d to Pac, however Callis pulls the referee at two. Pac will get the Brutalizer on Cassidy however Omega knocks the referee down, putting in a couple of belt pictures (with a special belt each and every). There’s a 3rd belt shot however Omega desires the AEW World Title to knock Pac out once more. Cassidy runs again in with the Orange Punch to Omega for 2 with a special referee counting…however Omega reverses right into a crucifix to pin Cassidy and retain at 27:10.

Result: Kenny Omega b. Orange Cassidy and Pac – Crucifix to Pac (27:10)

Full Gear is November 6 in St. Louis.

Tony Schiavone brings out the latest AEW analyst for Rampage: Mark Henry! We received’t be listening to from him till Friday.

Inner Circle vs. Pinnacle

Stadium Stampede (no fanatics), Inner Circle has to separate up in the event that they lose and Pinnacle (or at leas MJF) arriving by the use of stretch limousine. MJF rants about Inner Circle no longer being right here because of concern…..they usually repel down the video display screen. The chase is on with MJF hiding within the limo as the remainder of the Pinnacle arrives in FTR’s truck to start out the struggle. Sammy Guevara and Shawn Spears struggle into the hoop, with Sammy hitting a springboard cutter. After kicking Wardlow down, Sammy misses a capturing megastar press.

MJF in any case will get out of the limo however Chris Jericho is ready on him. The slugout it on however MJF sprays him with a smartly hidden fireplace extinguisher sooner than operating off the sector. Jericho follows him to take care of the thrashing, together with placing a garbage can on MJF’s head. MJF throws espresso into his eyes and hits him with a telephone however Jericho screams at him with a bullhorn. Said bullhorn is tossed at MJF and hits him behind the top, which fortunately doesn’t do a large number of injury.

They struggle into an workplace….the place Jacksonville Jaguars head trainer Urban Meyer and assistant trainer Charlie Strong are running on performs. Jericho throws some footballs at MJF after which throws him out, with Meyer pronouncing “holy s***”. MJF FINALLY will get good by means of going after the in point of fact giant brace on Jericho’s arm, together with flipping a white board into it.

We lower to Wardlow powering Jake Hager round however can’t lock him in a freezer. They struggle into it as a substitute (with a lower up pig putting from the ceiling) and Wardlow grabs an icicle. That doesn’t closing lengthy they usually head again into what seems like a garage house, with Hager being despatched right into a rolling metal cupboard. Hager flips him off so Wardlow spears him via a wall and right into a kitchen.

We lower to Sammy Guevara on the lookout for Shawn Spears and discovering him sitting in a chair (with loads of chairs in garage round him). The chair duel is on sooner than heading again right into a hallway. Sammy runs up a wall and backflips to his toes, putting in a kick to Spears’ head. Spears launches Guevara right into a metal door even though and grabs a chair. That takes means too lengthy even though and Sammy hits a operating knee.

Spears sends him right into a scissor raise and grabs a cable, handiest to get choked by means of Sammy’s cable. Sammy climbs up onto some scaffolding however has to drop back off, permitting Spears to hit him within the face with a ladder. With Sammy down, Spears handcuffs him to the construction and says Sammy is finished.

Sammy sees some bolt cutters however we lower to a bar the place Santana/Ortiz to find FTR/Tully Blanchard. Some beverages are shared however DJ Konnan performs some tune to start out the combating. Konnan arms Santana one thing to hit FTR with and we in fact get a close to fall on Dax Harwood. Cash Wheeler throws beer bottles at Ortiz however Santana comes again up they usually struggle into an elevator.

With the door closed, we reduce to Wardlow nearly losing a wood pallet onto Hager. They struggle on most sensible of a golfing cart and Hager chokeslams him via one thing manufactured from wooden. It’s again to MJF vs. Jericho, with MJF unintentionally punching a cutout of Shad Khan (Tony’s dad). Jericho says he’s in such a lot hassle after which hits him with the cutout. After rubbing off cardboard Khan’s head it’s time to enter a convention room, the place Jericho staples a Jaguars paper to MJF’s head.

Then he rips it off and throws MJF over the convention desk, the place MJF hits him within the face. A piledriver onto the desk will get two and MJF grabs a hammer. Jericho hits him with a garbage can even though….and reveals a smartly positioned Floyd the Baseball Bat. After some choking, Jericho sends him face first via a pitcher window. MJF is busted open (Tony: “Good!”) and we lower to Spears in search of Tully Blanchard. Instead he reveals the Inner Circle bike membership, who chase him down a corridor.

Back to Jericho dragging MJF into Daily’s Place, with MJF getting crotched on a handrail. Jericho powerbombs him via a desk (Tony: “DO IT AGAIN!”) and we lower to Spears operating out of doors….the place Sammy chases him down with a golfing cart. The cart drives Spears into the world they usually head into the hoop. Spears chairs him out of the air to get a divorce a springboard and a troublesome chair shot will get two. The chair is wedged into the nook however Guevara comes again with the GTH. Sammy kicks Spears head first right into a chair and it’s the 630 to offer Sammy the pin at 32:26.

Result: Inner Circle b. Pinnacle – 630 to Spears (32:26)

The Inner Circle celebrates for a very long time to finish the display.

Hangman Page b. Brian Cage – Buckshot Lariat
Young Bucks b. Jon Moxley/Eddie Kingston – BTE Trigger to Moxley
Jungle Boy received the Casino Battle Royal closing getting rid of Christian Cage
Cody Rhodes b. Anthony Ogogo – Vertebreaker
Miro b. Lance Archer – Game Over
Britt Baker b. Hikaru Shida – Lockjaw
Sting/Darby Allin b. Ethan Page/Scorpio Sky – Death Drop to Sky
Kenny Omega b. Orange Cassidy and Pac – Crucifix to Cassidy
Inner Circle b. Pinnacle – 630 to Spears

Thomas Hall has been a wrestling fan for over thirty years and has observed over 50,000 wrestling suits. He has additionally been a wrestling reviewer since 2009 with over 5,000 complete presentations coated. You can to find his paintings at, or take a look at his- Amazon author page with 30 wrestling books.

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