WWE Monday Night RAW has been quite a doom for talented superstars. One guy who is at the top of the list is the WWE Universal Champion. When Triple H pedigree Seth Rollins and handed over the Universal Title to Kevin Owens, we all thought we were in for a new Owens or the same Owens we have seen in PWG and ROH.
Image result for kevin owens triple H universal titleRight after Owens got the title, he was supposed to make it big in the company as the next big thing but the only thing he was restricted to was escaping rings, being Y2J’s best friend, being a coward and being fed off to Roman Reigns.

Image result for roman spear owensWhere SD Live had a strong champion in form of AJ Styles, Owens was portrayed as a guy with no talent but just someone who is lucky to get the title as a gift.
Image result for aj styles championIn the latest WWE live event held in Broomfield (03/02/17) Kevin Owens suffered another loss against the veteran and a guy on the #GetOffMyTv list Big Show.
Image result for #getoffmytv big show

And no, no one cares if the Big Show has lost some weight or is facing someone who is irrelevant to the wrestling ring Shaquille O’Neal at Wrestlemania 33.
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The point here is that Big Show defeating Kevin Owens comes as another low for the current champion and disgraces him as a wwe superstar.

Although Kevin Owens defeated Sami Zayn in  a more recent main event.


But this fact cannot be ignored that Owens is one heck of a hard worker and has got whatever it takes to satisfy a main event. But letting him to be fed off to someone like Roman Reigns is a big let down.

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