There is no question that NXT produces some sheer talent which marks the entry for the superstar in the main roster sometime real soon. Many superstars like Neville, Balor, Joe and many more have made it big in the main roster after their name in the mainstream. However, people also believe that when these talents who are nurtured in NXT by Triple H when brought up to main roster are almost given nothing to very less to work upon and injustice is done to their talent it will not be wrong to say that a spot in the main roster is a big thing in itself.

One person who  has it all but still  is awaited to debut in the main roster in Tye Dillinger “the perfect 10”. Remember when Dustin Rhodes said that Tye Dillinger has everything and has learnt it all that is required to be a main roster superstar, due to some reasons WWE has forgotten those words.

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When Dillinger entered at #10 in the royal rumble, people and whole NXT camp were on their feet and felt proud of the guy but that is not certainly marking any hints of Dillinger being on RAW/SD Live. Also not to forget the crowd was deeply disappointed when he got eliminated which could be easily made out from their boos.
Triple H tweeted out about Tye Dillinger after his in-ring performance.

The number 10 spot wasn’t gifted or given … it was earned. And it was awesome.

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So when will “The Perfect 10” debut on the main roster? Tell your opinions in the comment section.

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