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WWE News and Rumors: The Undertaker to face Samoa Joe at Wrestlemania 33


It is undoubtedly that time of the year when all the speculations about The Undertaker’s opponent flames up. This is not a surprise as The Undertaker is one of the hottest property when it comes to Wrestlemania every year. This year after being rumored to face John Cena, AJ Styles, Roman Reigns and even Braun Strowman, the latest to join the LIST is SAMOA JOE.

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Something out of the box but The Inquisitor reports that

WWE could be setting up Samoa Joe to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando. The possibility is exciting and intriguing, especially because it’s a match that a lot of WWE fans never thought they’d see. Not only that, but it’s a matchup many fans haven’t thought about before. If WWE officials are planning Samoa Joe vs. Undertaker, it would be something career defining for both wrestlers.

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Now Samoa Joe is one of the hottest property in NXT and is most credible heel in the whole WWE which ultimately puts him to face someone who is legendary like The Undertaker, keeping in mind Joe’s past record in indy circuits and TNA.

As far as The Undertaker is concerned it could be the last time we see him at Wrestlemania, and The Phenom must be looking forward to face someone who is seen as a legit wrestler for the future of WWE. The company will pay extra attention to not lack in rigour when they frame Undertaker’s match this year. We need to wait and watch how the cipher is going to be.

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