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WWE News and Rumors: Is 205 Live a FAILURE?


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205 Live is a place where the cruiserweights get to show their real talent on-screen and are well directed towards a storyline, some which is also covered on Monday Night RAWs. After the success of CWC on WWE Network and a contrasting failure on RAW, WWE thought of making a separate show for the cruiserweights. But things don’t seem to be going well with 205 Live on the network.

PWMANIA.com reports:

The WWE Network numbers for the show have continued to trend downward and it’s become a talking point within the company.

Not only is the issue with people watching the show on The Network, another issue is that people in the arena are continuing to leave before the show airs and the staff at the event have to move people around so it doesn’t look empty on camera.

It should be interesting to see if they end up moving the show before SmackDown airs or not. It was speculated by many that ultimately it would happen.

If this is the case than it should also not come as a big surprise if the company decides to stop the show ultimately. Many sources claim that 205 Live was seen as an extended hour of SD Live but having it on a full slotted 2 hrs of SD Live was a difficult task although it would have provided more legitimacy to the cruiserweights, but keeping it as a separate show is not ringing many bells.

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