NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III

Photo: WWE

Hunter Meets Adam Cole

It’s become a tradition for Triple H to post a photo of himself with the newest NXT talent following that talent’s debut. Following NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III, where Adam Cole made his NXT debut in a surprise attack on new NXT Champion Drew McIntyre, fans were expecting Triple H to post his backstage photo with Cole. The photo never appeared that weekend until Thursday night. Triple H finally posted the Cole photo and welcomed him to the NXT roster.

“I’m Not Like Most…”

Nia Jax took time to explain the significance of her “I’m Not Like Most” tagline, which can be heard in her entrance theme song. Jax wrote the slogan represents a reminder that everyone is different and they should appreciate such differences.

Jax wrote:

I love my tagline, “I’m Not Like Most.” I love what it stands for. With so many people trying to fit into a mold (something I’ve definitely been guilty of in my own life), I love this loud, proud reminder that it’s our differences that make us individual and unique. It’s taken time and work and humility, but I’m so glad that I’m in a place where I can honestly say that I’m proud of my differences. Everyday I’m more and more excited to embrace those differences because they are what make me unique; I wouldn’t be me without them.

For me, “I’m Not Like Most” is more than just a tagline, it’s a powerful message. Embrace and accept your differences! Find out what makes you “Not Like Most” and own it! There’s a lot of power in it, A LOT of power and (probably more importantly) a lot of peace.

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