The Miz passes The Ultimate Warrior's IC Title reign record

Photo: WWE

The Miz has had a rocky few months, but he shared a bit of good news (for him) on his Instagram this week. According to his Instagram, and confirmed by WWE, he’s now the sixth-longest reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion, passing The Ultimate Warrior on his way to breaking the top five.

A year ago this month, Miz’s fiery promo on Talking Smack to Daniel Bryan made him one of Smackdown Live’s hottest heels and made Talking Smack a can’t-miss part of WWE’s weekly programming. The Miz is an incredible heel when he’s given a chance to shine. He’s had a rocky 2017, though, only just beginning to shake off the stop-start feud with Dean Ambrose for the IC Title that brought both of them over to Raw.

The addition of the Miztourage in Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas has revitalized both men’s prospects on Raw and gone a long way in showcasing what a fantastic, weaselly heel The Miz can be when given a little direction and a fresh young face to put over (this time in the form of Jason Jordon-Angle). The Miz deserves more recognition for his IC Title reigns, and it would be exciting to see WWE give him a chance to hold on to the belt long enough to at least crack the top five list. He’s only got to hold on to it for another week to surpass Razor Ramon … but there are only three days left til the next Raw.

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