The infamous commentator & pro wrestling personality “The Louisville Lip” Jim Cornette has claimed that Dixie Carter and Kevin Nash had slept together once. Here’s a quote from Cornette:

I will say that there were aspersions cast around that when she would be seen with certain people in the restaurant, or restaurant bar at the Double Tree after the events and they would be pouring the wine for her to tell her how great she was, but I couldn’t speak as intelligently as Scott Hall when it comes to that, because one of the aspersions that are being cast about that is a “very good friend” of his.


Kevin Nash was at TNA for a year after he debuted along-side Scott Hall in the fall of 2004. When Hall left in 2005, ”Big Kev” Kevin Nash was booked to face ”King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at TNA Bound for Glory PPV (2005) but backed out from the event due to chest issues. Shortly after, Nash left TNA and then returned in 2006 and remained with the company till 2011.

There have been reports going around that Dixie Carter had been involved with some of the guys in the TNA Locker Room.

There was also a rumor that Dixie Carter had released Kevin Nash from his contract to go back to WWE because if she didn’t, he was going to tell everyone about their “relationship.”

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