The Great Khali who was once known for his time during WWE has started own company and during his first ever show at Haldwani, Uttarakhand he has injured badly.

Dalip Singh Rana who is former WWE Heavyweight Champion had several health issues due to that WWE didn’t allowed him to wrestle anymore and retired him from their company.

On 24th February 2016, The Great Khali injured during a fight with 3 fighters.  Khali has been admitted to the ICU in the hospital. Doctors will watch 24 hours, as per Khali  team he had felt pain in neck, chest. Khali said the pain is in the spine.

Khali has been sent to Dehradun Haldwani Max Hospital in Dehradun. Wrestling International Stadium during Gulapar three foreign wrestler Khali came out to fight. They hit Khali with kick-punching and chairs.

Do you think its a publicity stunt or reality?

Below is the video, We didn’t find any clues that actual injury is done because all action we have seen in the video has done professional as per pro wrestling rules.

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