Its been buzzing in sports entertainment and news media that The Great Khali has signed death contract for his upcoming fights against foreign wrestlers in India.

There is no doubt pro wrestling has remained the most famous and deadliest sports entertainment source, Many wrestlers has died performing wrestling arts.

For passionate wrestling fans who are worried about their favorites superstar life. You should not worry as  In pro wrestling world “Death Contract” is just a Gimmick.  A trick to attract audience  attention for publicity.

However still in small promotions “Death contract” or “Death Agreement” means that no person can be held liable for death of any contestant in a fight. It can be introduced by company when the wrestler is under no condition to wrestle.

The fans needs to understand that wrestling is a professional sports done under heavy supervision of professionals. The Great Khali was sent back to India from WWE because he was no longer in condition to wrestle and it might be the reason injury during the match which happened at Haldwani, Uttrakhand on 24 February 2015. In 2015 Sangram Singh also did same publicity stunt to promote his fights in South Africa.

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